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Essential Summer Foods for Heatwave and Stomach Issue Relief

Everyone is worried since the heat has gotten unbearably hot these days. Digestive disorders are more prevalent, particularly during the summer months. Indigestion, gas, an increase in bile, and stomach infections are frequently brought on by eating too-hot meals and weather fluctuations. Due to stomach heat, the majority of people experience issues including indigestion, headaches, nausea, and vomiting throughout the summer. It might be the heat if you are experiencing any of these symptoms as well. You want to keep your stomach cold to prevent these issues. Eat them to help keep your tummy cool during the summer.

Symptoms and signs when the stomach is heated

  • Sickness and uneasiness
  • Bloating and inflammation of the throat
  • bitter mouth-watering
  • Sour belching following a meal
  • Breathing difficulties
  • chest burning feeling
  • Continuous headache
  • Gas in the stomach Constipation

The cause of the stomach’s rising temperature

This season might bring on a variety of causes for stomach heat. Many times as a result of overindulging in spicy, hot, and leafy vegetables, overindulging in non-vegetables, smoking excessive amounts, consuming excessive amounts of tea and coffee, sitting for extended periods of time after meals, and the practice of skipping meals. The stomach’s heat could be the cause.

In summer, watch what you consume extremely carefully. During this season, consume light and simple foods. Refrain from overindulging in spicy and oily foods. In the morning, on an empty stomach, sip lukewarm water. Eat curd, buttermilk, or lassi for lunch. Eat breakfast within one to two hours of waking up. Avoid eating large amounts of food at once and skipping meals. Continue to sip water throughout the day.

These things help maintain an icy tummy.
Banana: Eat a banana every day in the summertime. Because of their high potassium content, bananas can help regulate acidity. Because of the pH components in bananas, stomach acid is lessened. This reduces heat retention and creates a smooth layer in the stomach.

Mint: The summer months bring a bounty of fresh mint options. Gastric acid is decreased when mint is consumed with chutney or curd. Boil one glass of water with a few mint leaves added. Once this water cools, you can drink it.

Fennel: Consume fennel to reduce heat and keep the stomach cool. Snacking on sugar candies and fennel relieves upset stomachs. Flavonoid consumption lowers acidity. Make sure to consume sugar candies and fennel. Also, fennel water is nutritious.

Cold Milk: You can drink cold milk in the summer if you don’t like the taste of hot milk. Have one cup of cold milk for breakfast each day. This will lower stomach heat and supply calcium. Additionally, drinking cold milk lessens acidity. This will give the stomach a cooling sensation.

Basil leaves: During the summer, eat basil leaves every day. When chewing on empty, basil leaves raise the stomach’s water content. Stomach acid is decreased as a result. In summer, sip on basil leaf tea, it can also help in the digestion of spicy food.

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