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Sunday, December 10, 2023

“Every big company was once a dream, started with a small business” Chanakya Dhanda

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Serial Investor & business magnate Chanakya Dhanda says that young entrepreneurs & small business are going to be the epicentre of countries growth and transformation. Chanakya who has become the first person to list his majestic night club Sirkus at the NSE  (National Stock Exchange) stock exchange as India’s first ever NSE listed night club quotes “Every big company  was once a dream, started as a small business”

“The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming how we think about our economies and our societies today” says Dhanda. According to him, the viability of small and medium-sized firms is greater than that of large firms. Not only do they bring prosperity to the people but also play a fundamental role in driving the economy.

He also adds that  small businesses create job opportunities and drive the country’s economic growth in smaller geographic areas. They make the market more competitive. Secondly, small businesses also operate locally. This gives them a strong preference for hiring local people & thirdly,  small firms have more flexibility, this makes them more diverse in form, function, culture and increases their potential as against large corporations.

Having built a well diversified conglomerate across variegated sectors like financial markets, global trading, investment banking, manufacturing, hospitality & several other categories, Chanakya Dhanda has mastered his own kind of oscillating business investment model to maximise market opportunities. Having invested & created success stories in over 12 businesses and tasted success in most of them. He is now engaged in not just growing all his existing business verticals higher but also exploring newer futuristic ventures for investments.

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