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French daredevil Rémi Ouvrard breaks world record for standing on hot air balloon

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A man from France broke his own world record by riding atop a hot-air balloon. Rémi Ouvrard performed the stunt over Chatellerault, western France.

Rémi Ouvrard, a daredevil from France flew above Chatellerault while standing on top of a hot-air balloon, shattering his own world record.

Ouvrard rode atop a massive balloon to a height of 4,016 metres (13,175 feet) over Chatellerault, western France, according to AFP. Ouvrard’s previous record was 1,217 metres, set in 2019.

The balloonist, on the other hand, did it for a great cause rather than for fame and glory. Ouvrard performed the stunt as part of a Telethon campaign in western France, an annual fundraising for rare neuromuscular illness research and advocacy.

The breathtaking video of the balloonist’s experience has left people all over the world speechless. Ouvrard stated in a tweet that the main goal was to reach a height of at least 3,637 metres above ground, which corresponds to the phone number of France’s annual charity drive, 36-37. The balloon, on the other hand, ascended even higher, passing the 4,000-meter milestone.

Ouvrard, dressed in a white suit and a helmet, accomplished the feat on a balloon controlled by his father, according to France 24. When they reached 3,500 metres, his father encouraged him to relax because the oxygen was rapidly dwindling, but Ouvrard said he was unaffected by the height because of the warm balloon below him, according to the story.

On Facebook, Ouvrard broadcasted his experience live. During the stream, he mentioned French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who returned to Earth on November 9 after six months aboard the International Space Station. According to local news outlets, Ouvrard’s journey took about 90 minutes.

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