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From Sleeping on the Bus Stand, Now Drone Scientist Story of Prathap

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22-year-old youth travels abroad 28 days a month. France invited him to do a job at its place, offering him a salary of Rs. 16,00,000 (sixteen lakh) per month, 5 BHK house and a car worth two and a half crore. But he humbly rejected it, as the Defense Research & Development Organization (#DRDO) had offered to convey it.

Let’s know who that child is –

A child born in Kadaikadi in a remote rural area near Mysore Karnataka. Father is a farmer. Father’s income is just Rs. 2000 monthly. Interest in electronic devices since childhood. From the primary class itself goes to the nearest Cybercafe and drowns in the Aviation Space website around the world. Sends emails to scientists in broken language.

He wanted to do engineering but had to do BSC physical because of the economic situation being pathetic. He was fired for not paying the hostel fees. He sleeps at Mysore bus stand and uses public toilet.

He gained knowledge of computer language through his hard work and learned how to make drones through E-West. So far, this boy has made more than 600 drones, had to try 80 times to make the first drone.

IIT went to the general class of the train to participate in the drone competition in Delhi and got second place.

He had to be approved by his thesis Chennai professor to participate in the World Drone Competition held in Japan, who is not skilled in writing was approved with comment. Needed 60000 rupees to go to Japan, which was sponsored by a person from Mysore for his flight tickets. He made arrangements by selling his mother’s Mangalsutra for upper expenses. When he landed in Japan, he had only 14 rupees in his pocket.

It was not possible to get a ticket from an expensive bullet train to go to the venue. He reached the venue where competitors from 127 countries were participating in the change of local trains and 8 kilometers to the end.
When the result was being announced he didn’t get his name from 10th number of top ten to 2 so he was returning disappointed…

Only then the judge declared #Pratap Gold Medalist India. He jumped for joy. He saw the USA flag descending with his eyes and the national flag of India going up the tricolor. He was awarded $ 10,000 as a prize.

MLA and MPs also congratulated him. Today this talented child serves as a scientist in Defense Research and Defense Development Organization. This is no one else who shows glory in accordance with his name. Yes, Pratap.

Talent doesn’t deliberate, it tries and earns reputation. Money is important but passion is more important than that. *

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