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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

“Fulcrum Digital Set to Recruit 700 Tech Experts in 2024”

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Fulcrum Digital, a company that focuses on digital engineering and business platforms, plans to hire 700 new employees this year. They want to hire people with skills in areas like artificial intelligence (AI) and data science.

The company has also introduced Ryze, a new platform powered by AI. Ryze is designed to help businesses manage large databases more easily. It can generate content, like text and images, quickly and accurately. This platform uses advanced AI technology, including large language models and intelligent chatbots, to improve productivity and efficiency.

Rajesh Sinha, the founder and chairman of Fulcrum Digital, mentioned that they aim to hire these new employees in India and other countries. They have a lot of projects lined up for this year, and they need more staff to handle them.

Ryze can be used for various tasks such as extracting data, detecting fraud, checking compliance, and conducting semantic searches. Sinha explained that Ryze acts like a personalized search engine for businesses, helping them find answers and solutions within their own datasets.

When asked about the risks of AI, Sinha said that while every new technology comes with risks, AI can actually be helpful. He compared it to having a co-pilot, enhancing human potential rather than replacing it.

Fulcrum Digital, based in New York, provides software products and services to different industries. They have offices in the US, Latin America, Europe, and India.



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