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Go Sharpener helps school kids solve real life problems with power of social media

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Go Sharpener is a global network for students that assists them in resolving real-world challenges. Students are also rewarded for their activities by the Delhi-based business.

Because of online learning, the Covid-19 epidemic dramatically increased the screen time of schoolchildren all around the world. This inspired Prateek Kumar and Ankit Kapoor, co-founders of GoSharperener, to use their addiction constructively and positively affect youngsters, particularly those aged 10 to 17. This prompted the team to devise a student-only network that makes good use of kids’ digital time (10-17 years). They founded Go Sharpener, a school student network for students who feel their efforts can tackle real-world problems.

The platform went into beta in New Delhi in 2021, and it was formally launched in February 2022. It presently has 69,000 registered users from more than 90 Indian cities.

Delhi-based The objective of Go Sharpener is to leverage the potential of school children as drivers of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Over 14,000 school kids are involved in environmental initiatives such as community involvement campaigns, cleanliness drives, and so on.

Over 30,000 school children have taken sustainable impact acts. As a result, Go Sharpener School Student Network is particularly intended for people over the age of 18 to assure safety, security, and moderation.

It is tied to the SDGs to promote positive student involvement, in which they earn prizes for their behaviours, gamifying the entire experience.

Students learn about sustainable activities from peers and worldwide organisations via the platform, and have the opportunity to express their opinions in creative forms such as artworks, reels, and so on, as well as take action in 25+ areas related to the Sustainable Development Goals and report on it.

A digital student impact profile is developed based on actions on the site, which subsequently assists students in accumulating points and redeeming prizes in the form of vouchers and internships.

The need for new social apps is increasing. There is also a rising number of social media apps aimed towards smaller groups and audiences.

In terms of platform differentiation, GoSharperner is presently the only network created particularly for individuals above the age of 18. It is centred on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and recognises pupils for their positive initiatives.

The firm generates income by charging school kids a membership fee that ranges between Rs 100 and Rs 6,000 per year.

In October 2022, the team raised an unknown amount of angel money.

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