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Hon. Governor of Maharashtra honors Jyoti Adhav for being a humanitarian and trendsetter in woman empowerment

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More and more women are being honored and recognized for their hard work, and remarkable achievements in the global corporate world. Mrs. Jyoti Adhav is a humanitarian, who has made her mark not only in the corporate world but also as an artist. She has hence been honored with the Trendsetter 2022 award by Times Applaud, a leading press release and public relations agency.

Mrs. Jyoti Adhav is one of the gifted artists whose work has been recognized by renowned artists in India. But, that’s not all, as Mrs. Jyoti is also a sophisticated businesswoman who has rendered significant service to humanity. During a mega-event held recently in Mumbai, the Honorable Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari honored Mrs. Jyoti with Times Applaud’s Trendsetter 2022.

When people are rewarded, their need for appreciation is fulfilled. This also motivates others to put in their best efforts to create or do something valuable for the world. Women have made great strides in every field and need to be noticed and valued for delivering excellent services to society. Times Applaud understands this need for appreciation and hence organizes the Trendsetter award ceremony every year to felicitate leaders in various fields for their invaluable knowledge and delivering quality, excellent services to society.

Times Applaud hosted the Trendsetter 2022 award ceremony to honor, appreciate and applaud the success of people like Mrs. Jyoti for their remarkable role as trendsetters in different fields.

Mrs. Jyoti Adhav is a self-taught abstract painter whose raw and visceral depiction of human survival brings into open creation process a struggle between physical act of creating and canvas. She is one of the gifted artists whose work has been recognised by renowned artists in India. Being an unblemished portrait of an artist, businesswoman, and a caring mother, she is the epitome of confidence and professionalism. Mrs. Jyoti is currently doing her PhD in Fine Arts.

Being an artist and a businesswoman at the same time is no easy task. But, other than being an extremely creative artist, Mrs. Jyoti Adhav is also a successful businesswoman. In fact, you will be amazed when you have a look at all the key roles she plays in different enterprises, including an NGO. Mrs. Jyoti is the Founder/Director/Artist of Jyo Arts and Decors, a brand under Trio Arts and Décor, which is an ultra-modern art studio. Here, she showcases her fine art skills through explicit and exclusive décor products. Mrs. Jyoti is also one of the directors of Safpro Industries, a condiment manufacturing company, based in Pune. In this business, she makes sure to streamline daily operations to sales. The company has gradually grown during the last few years and is taking its products to more continents.

Apart from being a prolific artist and businesswoman, Mrs. Jyoti is also a humanitarian, who is passionate about giving back to society. She has served humanity through the establishment of Vasumati Welfare Foundation with the cooperation of her husband Mr. Vijay Adhav.

Vasumati Welfare Foundation is an NGO that the couple launched on 26th January, Republic Day, 2020, with the noble cause of helping the poor and deprived. The organisation works to provide medical facilities and conduct food donation drives for the needy. Vasumati Welfare Foundation is also playing a key role in woman empowerment by sponsoring the girl child’s education. The organisation believes education is a tool for a better future, and is hence sponsoring the education till Std. X, for a young girl who is a Std. IV student.

Vasumati Welfare Foundation has also been rendering service to humanity during the Covid-19 pandemic period. It organized free health check-up and consultation to help people recover from post COVID symptoms. During this drive, people were provided with Ayurvedic medicines and therapies with consultation from expert members of the medical fraternity.

Vasumati Welfare Foundation also distributed free food packets and immunity kits during the pandemic. It held a grocery donation drive in January 2022 to provide basic necessities to poor families. The organisation also created and distributed free immunity kits. In association with Ayurvedic brand Dhanawantri Kerala, it created and distributed free kits to boost immunity for protection from Covid-19.

Mrs. Jyoti Adhav has now become an excellent role model for women’s empowerment and inspiration for many people. She truly deserves the Trendsetter 2022 award, which she received on February 24, 2022, at Governor’s House Raj Bhavan in Malabar Hill, Mumbai.

We wish Mrs. Jyoti the best for all her future endeavors in art, business, and service to humanity.

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