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House of Brands health startup SuperCluster Pi gets $2M to buy other businesses

House Of Brands startup SuperCluster Pi has raised funding of $2 million. Among, other things, the company will use the money to acquire other businesses.

SuperCluster Pi, a House of Brands (HoB) business, has secured $2 million in a Seed investment round headed by Bobby Balachandran of Exterro Inc, with participation from prestigious angel networks like Inflection Point Ventures (IPV), Hyderabad Angels, Faad Network, and AngelBay.

Bhuvan Bam, Ranveer Allahbadia of Beer Biceps, Praful Billore (MBA Chaiwala), and Arvind Arora (A2) are among the key social influencers who have invested in the round.

The company will use 70% of the new capital to acquire acquisitions, with the remainder going toward brand growth, staff expansion, and brand marketing efforts.

SuperCluster Pi, founded in 2021 by Vishnu Prasath Devarajan, is a D2C House of Brands in the health area.

He said, “SuperCluster Pi is on a mission to make India healthy by bringing together all entrepreneurial initiatives in the proactive wellness sector. We are dedicated to making a healthy lifestyle feasible, accessible, and long-term. Our team is overjoyed to have investors provide funding, support, and advice so early in our adventure.  The firm will continue to expand and acquire companies in the proactive wellness sector in order to realise our vision of creating a better tomorrow.”

SuperCluster Pi intends to acquire 6 to 8 D2C brands over the next 12 months, with a run-rate of $20 million in yearly gross merchandise value (GMV). Over the last six months, the firm has acquired three D2C companies, reaching over 30,000 customers each month.

According to the firm, the HoB buys and builds up D2C companies that are consumer-centric, problem-solving, and socially responsible, thanks to a staff of over 100 team members with expertise in digital marketing and scaling brands.

Rathnakar Samavedam, investment director at Hyderabad Angels, said, “SuperCluster Pi is unique in its promise of uniting society – people and business – in the pursuit of a healthy tomorrow. Their team has demonstrated enormous potential with the existing portfolio of D2C brands by bringing them closer to digital first customers. We are really optimistic about SuperCluster Pi’s idea and long-term business plan.”

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