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Ibrahim Ali Khan’s Sizzling New Photos Go Viral, Fans Compare Him to Young Saif Ali Khan

The Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim Ali Khan stunned his Instagram followers on Friday night by posting a sequence of images. Social media users quickly began comparing him to his father based solely on the photographs he posted. He is seen in the photos posing in dim light with a disheveled hairstyle and a black and white vest. His admirers quickly flooded the comment area with comparisons to Saif Ali Khan’s appearance.

Reaction of activists
“And bro seems more Saif Ali Khan than Saif himself,” one user commented. “Younger version of Saif Ali Khan,” another user added. A third person said, “Saif jr.” On Ibrahim’s post, celebrity hairstylist Aalim Hakim also included a fire emoji.

Ibrahim regarding his job

Ibrahim, who will shortly make his acting debut, made his Instagram account public a few days ago. Ibrahim is working on a few projects right now. He hasn’t yet made a formal declaration about his efforts, though.

Sara Ali Khan recently discussed Ibrahim’s talent in an interview with ANI, wishing him well and success in the business. When asked if she would like to use her job to serve as an example for her sibling, Sara said, “No, I don’t feel like it. Due to his upbringing, talent, and life experiences, my brother is highly intelligent. Since our upbringings were similar, I am confident that he won’t stray from his intended course. And you will return to yourself, no matter how far you run. That’s what Amrita Singh, our mother, taught us.”

Sara, Ibrahim’s sister, wished him well on his Bollywood debut, saying, “I hope he maintains balance in his life and work.” He ought to uphold his morals. He’s a kid who is grounded.”

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