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Imran Khan Reveals Daughter Imara’s Support During His Darkest Moments

When Imran Khan debuted in 2008 with Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, he was seen as Bollywood’s next big thing. He worked on large-budget movies, but he never really made it big. You may blame it on lousy screenplays or just plain bad luck. After eight years of marriage, Imran and Avantika Malik separated, which only served to increase their suffering. Imran claimed that because of his personal and professional problems, he suffered through the weakest time in his life. Imara, his daughter, was the one bright spot in his life, helping him deal with everything and providing him with the much-needed strength.

Imran Khan describes how his motivation comes from his daughter Imara

Imran Khan stated that the 2019 divorce from his wife Avantika Malik was the lowest point in his life, both physically and emotionally, in an interview with Humans of Bombay. He found even seemingly easy chores like taking a bath or brushing his teeth intimidating. He talked about how he used to spend all day in his pajamas, ignore the doorbell, and spend all of his time in bed. Nevertheless, regardless of how weak he felt, he would get up and perform household duties whenever his daughter paid him a visit during those days.

Imran explained that he and Avantika share custodies, meaning that Imara stays with him from Thursday to Sunday. During those days, he used to take care of his daughter without any trouble at all, dropping her off at school, preparing her meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and taking care of all the other responsibilities that come with being a parent.

Imran was present at the wedding of Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan this year, along with Imara and his girlfriend of the moment, Lekha Washington. Imran claimed that when it comes to co-parenting Imara, he and his ex-wife are in perfect harmony.

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