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India to get Electric highway project: A key step in achieving climate balance

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The use of electric vehicles should be encouraged in all countries to accomplish climate targets. An electric highway project has been proposed in India.

The Center is planning to build an ‘electric highway’ between Delhi’s national capital and Rajasthan’s Jaipur. The Road and Carriage Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said Friday, that the government is already talking to a Foreign Company to develop the highway linking these two cities – its “dream” project – and that building work might begin very soon if discussions take place. Another electric road could possibly be built between Delhi and Mumbai in addition to the stretch of Delhi-Jaipur, and discussions are being held with a Swedish company.

The International Energy Agency (IAE) stated this year in its annual outlook that world governments should do more to fulfilclimate objectives with laws that favour electric vehicles (EVs). India’s plan for an electric highway project is considered to be a significant step in that direction.

With the world shifting away from traditional fuels and toward alternative energy sources for powering transportation, electricity is becoming the most common choice for powering propulsion motors in cars. If the projected electric highway is built, vehicles powered by electricity would be able to travel on the stretch — the first of these will be between Delhi and Jaipur, and if everything goes well, the Delhi-Mumbai stretch may see another of these electric roads.

An EV is propelled by one or more electric motors and can be powered by an electric current collector system (for example, overhead lines or electric third rails powering trams or electric locomotives), a battery (which can be charged by solar panels or by converting fuel to electricity using fuel cells or a generator), and any other extravehicular power sources.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari says EVs are not confined to small vehicles on the road. Electricity may one day power railways and other modes of transportation. 

Due to the diversity of possibilities available, electricity is not restricted to road vehicles; in theory, electricity may power railways, aircrafts, spaceships and even submarine vessels. It was also described as one of the 100 finest options for tackling climate change today and it is projected to lessen the dramatic impact on global warming and the environment of traditional transportation.

Gadkari stated that building an electric highway was his goal, although the idea is still in the proposal stage and they are in talks with a foreign firm.

He stated that as transport minister, he has taken the decision to eventually phase out the usage of gasoline and diesel in India.

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