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Friday, March 31, 2023

India’s Top 10 real estate technology companies in 2023  you must know about

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Today’s organisations and sectors rely heavily on technology. Proptech is a high-yield asset class for investors searching for unique investment options, as well as a modern solution for real estate professionals plagued by mounds of paperwork. Technology, along with other factors such as greater urbanisation, digitalization, and an increase in disposable income, has been a primary driver of this trend.

Proptech is now the most popular buzzword. It is usually referred to as the new disruptive force and innovation driver, as well as the modern answer for real estate professionals overwhelmed by mounds of paperwork and a high-yield asset class for investors seeking new investment options.

Today’s organisations and sectors rely heavily on technology. Technology, along with other factors such as greater urbanisation, digitalization, and an increase in disposable income, has been a primary driver of this trend.

Technology advancement has created a plethora of new opportunities in a variety of industries and fields. In terms of how far we have come technologically, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are only the tip of the iceberg.

The real estate industry is not immune to technological advancements. The global real estate industry’s paradigm shift has also had an impact on the Indian real estate sector.


Magicbricks allows property buyers and sellers in India to search for and inquire about residences. The Property Pulse area of the website provides real estate, mortgage, tax, and legal information, as well as professional opinions and trend analysis. The “Buyer’s Guide” real estate ebook outlines the important procedures and phases of acquiring a property. It provides quick tips, seasoned advice, and answers on what to look for and how to handle the process. Currently, real estate investors and purchasers in key regions may use the PropIndex service to follow changes in supply and pricing trends for residential units in India.

2. NoBroker

NoBroker’s peer-to-peer property listing platform contributes to the efficiency of real estate transactions. Customers may use the NoBroker site to find and buy properties without paying brokerage fees, and they can sell homes without collecting commissions.

3. Infra.Market

Infra Market’s online building materials market provides both real estate and construction supplies. It provides clients with fair pricing and a superior technological experience through a centralised platform that detects clients’ demands and links them to its supply chain, as well as appropriate financial options.

4. NestAway

On the NestAway marketplace, rental homes may be reserved online. Users may register and search for properties using the location filter. They can also secure houses using the internet. When listing their homes, owners must include the location, photos, costs, and areas. There are applications for both iOS and Android.

5. Livspace

Livspace provides interior designers, services, and home furniture. Customers may pick concepts for their ideal homes as well as furnish them using the online purchase platform. There are more interior design services available. Canvas is a platform designed exclusively for the interior design industry. Homeowners will have a unique experience, while interior designers’ tasks will be made easier.

6. PropTiger

PropTiger’s founders, who are former Harvard Business School, IIT, and ISB students, have years of combined real estate experience in India and internationally. Real estate specialists may be found in the Indian cities of Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. Employees are informed about various aspects of purchasing residential real estate. The specialist will guide you throughout the whole process, from narrowing down your options to choosing the ideal house for you and completing the necessary paperwork to seal the transaction.

7. Square Yards

Square Yards is a real estate platform that provides aggregation as well as transactional technologies. Square Yards’ products include Square Capital, Square Connect, and Square Marketing Technology. Square Capital, a digital lending company, offers loans to both individuals and businesses. Real estate agents may use Square Connect, a unique mobile aggregation platform. Because of this platform, brokers now have more direct access to property listings. Square Marketing Technologies, or SquareMartech for short, is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency.

8. Living Stanza

Living Stanza’s tech-enabled co-living space is open to students and working people who are relocating to a new city. It provides a high-quality, shared living model that puts the new-generation immigrant at the heart of the concept, design, and implementation process, with the goal of changing India’s multibillion-dollar student housing and co-living industry. With 55,000 beds administered across 14 sites, the company claims to be India’s largest startup for shared housing.

9. Furlenco

Furlenco provides clients with a subscription-based platform through which they may rent furniture each month. Startups have emerged that provide quality furniture that is accessible, inexpensive, and adaptable enough for clients to swap out as needed.

10. Settlin

Settlin, a technology-driven, scalable, buyer-centric real estate transaction platform, is located at the extreme end of the resale value chain. With this online-offline-online paradigm, a customer may look at four times as many properties online, offline, and online, filter them with 80 variables, and finalise the deal in five visits. Through its legal aid, the customer is assured to finish the sales deed and registration in four months, which is 50% faster than the industry standard. Over the previous year, 15 greeters have accumulated 4000 visits using a pay-per-visit agreement.

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