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India’s top 7 Agritech companies in 2023 you must know about

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Agritech is a combination of agriculture and technology that provides farmers with healthier seeds, better equipment, and safer fertilizers. It is applicable to the horticulture and aquaculture industries. Check out top 7 Best Agritech Companies.

Agritech is a combination of ‘agriculture’ and ‘technology’. It uses technological innovations to improve the output and efficiency of agriculture, such as robots, devices, artificial intelligence, and big data. Agritech firms have an emphasis on increasing harvest, dropping crop cultivation resources, and minimalizing human labour. It is not only applicable to the agriculture industry, but also to the horticulture and aquaculture industries. The Agritech industry provides farmers with healthier seeds, better equipment, and safer fertilizers. Check out top 7 Best Agritech Companies.


Cropin combines agriculture with enterprise resource planning and business information.

The services are delivered via a smartphone application, which enables farmers and farm owners to practise data-driven farming.

To monitor the enterprises, the company employs big data analytics and artificial intelligence. Apart from that, geo-tagging and satellite photos are used for land monitoring.

The company’s goals are outlined under the following headings:

• Improving food security, as yields are expected to fall by -35 percent by 2100.

• The solutions aid in the monitoring, analysis, and enhancement of biodiversity.

• They offer financial assistance to small landowners.

• Allows for zero-carbon farming to combat global warming.


Fasal is a company that was founded in 2018. The company has effectively supported farmers in cutting cultivation costs while also enhancing quality and productivity with its AI-powered horticulture platform.

During three years, the firm has raised 1.8 million USD, with notable investors including Animoca Brands, Artesian VC, Mind Fund, Mistletoe, and Mount Parker Ventures.

They promote the concept of sustainable agriculture, and their approach has had a considerable impact on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in the economic, environmental, and social domains.

Their offerings are classified into several categories:

• Microclimatic forecast: They deliver accurate far-level weather forecasts.

• Disease and pest forecasting • Irrigation warnings

• Manage farms by monitoring them and offering real-time insights into their daily development.


Aibono specialises on agricultural intelligence and technologies that help farmers boost their yields. The organisation describes itself as a Farm Management Service.

Farmers can outsource the administration of their whole production team, farm measurement, and other decision-making services to the company.

The firm has worked with more than hundred farmers in the TN region of India.

As the day progresses, the firm’s yields have increased by up to 50%. The team consists of data scientists and agronomists who use farming data to provide suggestions to farmers.

The firm has established itself as an interesting startup that brings precision farming to the public. Farmers may significantly increase production with a few modest infrastructural expenses.


Agricx was founded in 2016 with the goal of assisting the agriculture ecosystem in improving and eliminating the hurdles inherent in current practises. The organisation intends to eliminate inefficiencies by utilising cutting-edge technologies. Its areas of expertise include machine learning, agritech, deep learning, certification, and SaaS.

The company connects bulk agricultural product buyers with cold storage companies. To analyse the quality of product, the startup use computer vision and machine learning.

Furthermore, it rents out warehouse space to its clientele.

AgricxLab offers an AI-enabled SaaS stack for companies and organisations involved in the production, storage, and transportation of agricultural commodities.

Bombay Hemp Company

The Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO) is a privately held social company in Mumbai that was founded in 2013 to investigate and promote industrial hemp manufacturing. It was formed to create a vertically integrated firm that produces hemp for textiles, construction materials, Ayurveda treatments, and health and wellness goods, with an annual revenue of 50 lakh to 1 crore INR. By the conclusion of the fiscal year 2022, the firm hopes to have grown 2.5 times its current size. BOHECO’s items are sold through its e-commerce website and channel partners. In India, over 30 firms are involved in the hemp and cannabis market. There is plenty of space for expansion in this industry, since the industrial scale of hemp is between $500 million and 750 million USD.

Aarav Unmanned Systems

Aarav Unmanned Systems is a 2013 start-up founded by IIT Kanpur alumni. It makes survey-grade drones and offers long-lasting drone-based end-to-end integrated management solutions. Their procedures are five times quicker and create data that is millions of times richer. They have mapped over Fifty-Five Million acres of land for different projects, including 35 cities, 25000 villages and 200 mines. They also offer irrigation services, which aid in capacity planning. Several investors have funded the firm, including GrowX, 500 Startups, 3one4Capital, and Mr. Sanjay Jesrani, and it has gotten a total capital of 748.5 K USD across two rounds.


Farm2fam delivers organic foods directly from producers to consumers. It assures that the product consumed by customers is free of pollutants such as fertilisers and pesticides.

It is a startup located in Mumbai that was started in January 2019. The agritech firm’s major purpose is to promote awareness about the human body’s potential to heal itself via natural feeding. Keya Salot created the firm.

Farm2Fam develops specialty nutritious items by combining technology with Indian farming traditions.

The fact that the firm deals with the sale of microgreens distinguishes it. Living microgreens have 40 times the nutrients of vegetables and are the ideal combination of flavour and nutrition.

The following are some of the company’s key features:

• The company is based on urban farming and agriculture.

• They employ a certified organic soil-less potting mixture designed for plant development in its early stages.

• They deal with non-GMO, non-pesticide, herbicide, and chemical seeds that are delivered to the customer’s doorstep live and fresh.

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