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iPhone users worried about Apple’s new ‘Standard Warranty’ change; Know why

Tiny iPhone crack? Apple warranty might not cover it! Learn how to save on repairs & keep your phone safe.

What’s Changed?

Previously, hairline cracks without visible impact points were covered under warranty. Now, Apple considers all hairline cracks “accidental damage,” leaving the repair cost on you. This policy applies to iPhones and Apple Watches, but not iPads or Macs (for now).

The Repair Cost Breakdown

Out-of-warranty repairs can be pricey, ranging from ₹13,200 for older models to a whopping ₹37,900 for the newest iPhone 15 Pro Max. Yikes! Thankfully, AppleCare+ brings that cost down to a more manageable ₹2,500 for any model.

A Look at the Brighter Side

Despite this policy change, Apple has made some positive repair strides recently. They launched a Self-Service Repair program allowing users to fix certain iPhone parts themselves. Additionally, they reduced the cost of repairing the iPhone 15 Pro’s back glass, a welcome change. This fall, they’ll even allow repairs using genuine used parts for specific iPhone models.

Security Updates: A Balancing Act

On a separate note, Apple recently published a document outlining their security update policy. While they guarantee at least five years of updates for the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max, it falls short compared to some competitors who offer seven years.

So, What Now?

This new policy might sting a bit, but remember, AppleCare+ offers significant repair cost savings. If you’re prone to accidents, it might be worth considering. Additionally, explore the Self-Service Repair program if you’re comfortable tackling repairs yourself. Here’s the key takeaway: stay informed about warranty changes and explore your repair options to keep your iPhone protected!

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