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Jio removes bonus data feature from highly-priced prepaid plan

The bonus data feature from one of Reliance Jio’s expensive prepaid plans has been quietly removed. Jio is one of India’s telecom network providers. Jio is renowned for providing affordable plans, and its 5G services are now widely available throughout India, but this change has an impact on the Rs 999 prepaid plan.

Here is a list of the features included in the plan and what subscribers can anticipate.

Benefits of the Reliance Jio Rs. 999 Prepaid Plan

Reliance Jio’s previous Rs 999 prepaid plan included:

3GB of data each day
100 SMS per day and unlimited voice calls
Its 84-day validity period makes it a relatively expensive choice for customers.

The majority of users usually discover more affordable 84-day plans in the Rs 500–Rs 700 price range.

However, according to reports, this plan remained a desirable option for those looking for a plan with a daily 3GB data allowance. Up until recently, Jio’s Rs 999 plan included a sizable 40GB bonus data allowance, a feature that was introduced earlier in the year. This bonus data was valued at Rs 241 by Jio, and at first it was said that it would only be offered for a brief period of time.

This bonus data promotion has since ended. Subscribers who want extra data through Jio prepaid plans can select particular alternate plans, such as:

Rs 299
Rs 749
Rs 2999

As part of Jio’s celebration of its 7th anniversary, these plans are currently offering bonus data, with the promotion running from September 5 to September 30, 2023. Click here to view more information about this promotion.


Reliance Jio has removed the bonus data feature from its Rs 999 prepaid plan, which offered 3GB of data daily, 100 SMS per day, and unlimited voice calls. The plan had an 84-day validity period, making it a relatively expensive choice for customers. However, the plan remained desirable for those looking for a daily 3GB data allowance. Jio’s Rs 999 plan previously included a 40GB bonus data allowance, valued at Rs 241. This promotion has since ended, and subscribers can now select alternate plans like Rs 299, Rs 749, or Rs 2999. As part of Jio’s 7th anniversary celebrations, the bonus data promotion will run from September 5 to September 30, 2023.

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