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Restabilising The Ancient Traditional Remedies- Jogani Wellness

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Jogani Wellness is restabilising the ancient traditional remedies developed thousands of years ago by modernizing as per present lifestyles.

Jogani Wellness, an emerging wellness business enterprise, has envisaged and is making extraordinary efforts to understand the intrinsic value of traditional remedies and bring the therapeutic treatments in the mainstream segment to complement the contemporary bio medicinal section.

Ancient Wellness Traditions & Rising Awareness

The uniqueness of Ancient Indian traditional wellness remedies lies in the fact that it helps people to live a better and healthy life. It’s user-friendly and educational. The healing methods date back thousands of years. The literal source of information about these traditional therapies can be found in Vedic scriptures. Most ailments, including physical and mental, were cured performing such methods and healing practices.

Presently, the affluence of the working population with unnatural lifestyles and the high cost of healthcare in terms of money and time is driving people to think about their wellness. People across the globe know the status of natural and organic living. More and more new-age entrepreneurs are going by the visionary approach of our Honorary Prime Minister to make the world realize the importance of holistic alternative healthcare. One such start-up, Jogani Wellness, under the firm leadership of Mahesh Jogani, is providing the global diaspora with a safe and clean lifestyle by modernizing different time-honored wellness therapies.

The Man behind this Innovative Start-up -Jogani Wellness

Mahesh Jogani, the founder of Jogani Wellness, is helping people across the globe to have a better life by introducing natural organic procedures and devices based on the principles of ancient wellness remedies. He has been revolutionizing and modernizing the suitable old conventional therapies for more practical use for more than fourteen years. His efforts through the Jogani Wellness have been acknowledged in over 24 countries, including the USA, Europe, South-East Asia, Russia, and the Middle East. Mr. Jogani has also created different wellness products based on traditional wellness therapies.

Exceptional Wellness Products

In its quest for promoting holistic wellness therapies, Jogani Wellness has already modernized some of its devices based on the traditional principles at economical prices.

ANT 8978- Natural detox and energy cleansing device

an innovative device that focuses on the principles of Ayurveda, traditional acupressure, and modern science together. The device helps in detoxifying the body and helps alleviate muscular pain naturally without having to rely on heavy doses of medication.

ANT 8975- Relaxation Therapy Device

This intelligent music therapy device that Jogani Wellness has created helps provide immediate relaxation to the mind and reduce all the negative energy through the power of sound and frequencies.

ANT 8977-Mineral Crystal for Healing

The device uses mineralized and super energy Crystals crafted out from the Himalayas. These are widely recommended for Reiki, Pranic Healing, Meditation, and healing skin ailment and abnormality.

Recognition And Approval

The company has got recognition as a Healthcare Technology Company from DIPP, Government of India. The enterprise has created more than 50 diverse wellness products based on ancient traditional wellness therapies. Out of which, more than a dozen have already received Indian patents, whereas more than 35 product ideas are still pending for patent.


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