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Kapish Anand Certified experts for gems and jewellery

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Diamond is still a girl’s best friend and people continue to wear jewelry as their lucky charm. Kapish Anand Jewellery is the right place to shop for jewelry and gemstones.

Gemstones and jewelry have been a craze since human civilization started, as everyone, ranging from poor farmers to the kings, wore jewelry in ancient times. But, there has been a significant change in lifestyles since the ancient times. Although our tastes have also gone through a sea change, the making of jewelry from gemstones like diamond and emeralds is popular even today. But, gems only work when they are pure and free from any treatment like heating, filling, dying, etc. In recent times astrologers have started providing treated gems as they are not expensive. However, they are also not effective as they are treated gems. New Delhi-based Kapish Anand Jewellery offers you non-treated, highly effective, and natural gemstones and jewelry. This makes it the right place in India to shop for jewelry and gemstones.

Kapish Anand Jewellery is committed to dealing exclusively in non-treated, highly effective natural gemstones. The company sources these gemstones from trustworthy sources. Certified gemologists examine the gemstones. From a low-cost diamond to a high-end gem, Kapish Anand will provide you with a disclosure certificate certifying the authenticity and genuineness of your gemstones. 

While you are shopping for gemstones, you should always be careful to buy gems with certification and check the credibility of certificate before believing its authenticity because there are a lot of fake laboratories. But, Kapish Anand Jewellery is affiliated with Ratnakar Gem Testing Laboratory, a 33-year-old ISO Certified Gem Testing facility. Hence, you can be sure about the authenticity of the certificate that you will receive from Kapish Anand through Ratnakar Gem Testing Laboratory. Kapish Anand also certifies gems on GIA standard and is proudly associated with India’s leading jewelers. 

When buying a gemstone, you should also ensure that the gemologist is educated from the Gemological Institute of America. If not then you need to make sure to get your gemstone certified again to confirm whether it is real or a fake one. Kapish Anand Jewellery has a team that provides gemstones certified from gemologists who are alumni of Gemological Institute of America.

Kapish Anand, the industrious and reliable gemologist who founded Kapish Anand Jewellery, is himself educated from the Gemological Institute of America. Kapish has been working in the jewelry industry for the past 16 years. He deals solely in 100% natural, certified gemstones and diamonds that have not been treated in any way. Kapish has been certified by leading gemstone institutes in both India and the U.S. He has received multiple certifications including those from the Gemological Institute of America, and the Indian Gemological institute, making him a genuine and trustworthy professional in the field. 

Kapish has more than 16 years experience in trade & qualifications like AJP, GG, Pearl Graduate and Advance treatments for Ruby Sapphire & Emeralds from Gemological Institute Of America. As founder of a wholesale diamond and other gemstones business, he has built successful relationships throughout the supply chain.

As Kapish has an interest in sharpening his skills, he pursued jewelry designing and development from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT-Delhi) in 2009. That changed the company’s vision ahead of time by using state-of-the-art production equipment and ensuring that each product is sold with quality certified to the highest possible standards, using advance designing software and production unit.

The gemstones Kapish Anand deals with include Diamond (Heera); Ruby (Manik); Pearl (Moti); Emerald (Panna); Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj); Blue Sapphire (Neelam); Cats Eye (Lehsunia); Coral (Munga); Garnet (Gomed); and Pitambari. 

Other Kapish Anand products that may interest you are: 

Exclusive Diamond Jewelry: Kapish Anand collections are meticulously created and offered in a variety of diamond colours and precious metals.Every diamond is hand-picked by a certified GIA alumni assorter to ensure a consistent colour in every piece of jewelry, demonstrating our commitment to beauty, rarity, and responsible sourcing.

Personalized Jewelry: Each birthstone is a different gem, making for a highly personalized piece of jewelry that often carries significant sentimental and astrological value to the wearer, so it’s not just designer rings, we also have Designer Gems stones, for clients who want to wear something exclusive with the best astrological values. Kapish Anand offers you a designer gem with your birthstone or rashi stone and a designer ring.

Kids Jewelry: Yes you can also buy jewelry for your kids from Kapish Anand. The girls earrings are simple in their elegance and flair. You can choose from Kapish Anand’s 100% hallmarked assortment to add a little sparkle to the life of your kids. These earrings feature smooth rounded corners and are gentle on the skin of your little ones. Kapish Anand’s colorful figurines are appropriate for all occasions and will fill your the heart of your kid with joy.

Get in touch with Mr. Kapish Anand to get your gem certified or to buy natural effective gems.

You can contact him on +9198712 23224.

Website – https://kapishanand.com


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