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Kiara Advani recently revisited her trolled Indian Idol performance with her fans and found it refreshing.

Kiara will next be seen in Game Changer and War 2. Kiara Advani recently celebrated 10 years in Bollywood by meeting and greeting her fans as well as revisiting her viral video from Indian Idol. The actor mocked her trolled performance from the finale of the singing reality show and also shared Sidharth Malhotra’s reaction – leading fans on Reddit to praise Kiara for being genuine and not taking herself too seriously

Kiara Unveils Sidharth’s Response to Her Singing.

This video begins with Kiara watching herself singing at the Indian Idol Finale episode and commenting “It was so bad, after this I would never (it was so bad…)” One fan later responded and stated it wasn’t bad at all; after which Kiara responded “No it wasn’t bad. It was pretty” Kiara then responded by thanking everyone as real fans; recalling her performance at the Grand Finale itself, Game Changer actor revealed Sidharth said, “Gaane Ke Baad Sidharth said ‘You have Guts Grand Finale Me Kohish Kiya’ (after which Sidharth said ‘You Have Guts To Sing Grand Finale Me Tussi Kohish Kiya), suddenly her voice dropped off but then quickly recovered as her fans quickly began appreciating. Just do what’s right from within your heart and that’s what matters.”

Kiara Advani’s fans appreciate her honesty After viewing the video, one fan commented, “I love when celebrities don’t take themselves too seriously, it’s very refreshing. Kiara seems so sweet to her fans!” Another commented on their honesty while another user expressed displeasure with it: “Love when stars don’t take themselves too seriously!” One user also wrote in to say they did not understand why Kiara was being teased – she wasn’t performing professionally or saying I am a good singer but just sang from her heart on stage like we people do…she just sang from her heart.” Another user commented by writing, “Lmao I like how she’s in on the joke”

Kiara talks about her trolled Indian idol performance in her latest fanmeet event
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Kiara Advani shared a reel of her fan interaction on social media as she completed one year in the Hindi film industry. Kiara wrote an emotional post to express her thanks and wrote in her heartfelt post, “10 Years has flown by… yet here I am still that girl deep down who gets excited when performing for her family… only now my family is much larger as every one of you is part of it (smiling emoji).”

Kiara Advani made her Bollywood debut with “Fugly,” but quickly rose to fame after starring in MS Dhoni – The Untold Story. Now, Kiara is looking forward to the release of Game Changer opposite Ram Charan and also is set to make an appearance in YRF’s War 2 alongside Hrithik Roshan and Jr NTR.
Kiara War 2 will hit shelves sometime around 2025.

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