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Kiran Rao Reveals Why She Married Aamir Khan Even When She Did Not Want To

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao may have got divorced but they are still good friends and currently Kiran Rao is getting praised for the movie, Laapataa Ladies which was produced by Aamir Khan.

Recently during an interview, Kiran Rao made some interesting revelations as she stated that they both were not in the mood to get married but they had to due to parental pressure. She said, “I’ve always felt that (marriage as an institution is up for a rethink). Aamir and I lived together for a year before we got married honestly, we did it more because parents and you know… all the rest of it, and even at that time we knew that it’s a great institution if you can function as individuals as well as a couple within that institution.”

She also talked about how marriage is difficult for women, she said, “The thing we don’t talk about enough is how marriage tends to stifle, especially women. How you could find perhaps a way to be yourself within the institution. That’s something up for debate and discussion. Esther Perel (American psychologist) has written an amazing book on it, and it’s very interesting. As apes, we were living together. This nuclear family setup is a pressure, and it’s a pressure especially on women. There’s so much responsibility on the women to run the house, keep the family together. In fact, women are expected to keep in touch with the in-laws, to be in touch with your husband’s family. That’s a lot of expectation.”

Aamir and Kiran got married in 2005 and divorced in 2021 and currently they are co-parenting their son, Azad Rao Khan.

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