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Know how Eat Better makes snacking healthy with its nutritional snacks

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Most market snacks aren’t nutritious, and healthy snacks aren’t tasty. With their modern-day healthy snacks, Eat Better is attempting to shift this perception.

Snacking in India has a dual problem: most snacks aren’t nutritious, yet healthy snacks don’t taste very good.

Eat Better co-founder Shaurya Kanoria,  said,  “The foods that we see on the market are unhealthy and full of preservatives. The few that are nutritious don’t taste particularly good.”

Mridula Kanoria, Shaurya Kanoria, and Vidushi Kanoria founded Eat Better in 2020, combining ancient dietary wisdom with current nutritional demands. D2C Foods, established in Jaipur, claims that their snacks are 100% natural and prepared with high-quality ingredients.

He continues, “Our current assortment includes healthy, sugar-free ladoos (named The Better Ladoos), nuts seed mixes, and savory snacks like millet mix and quinoa seed mix. All of our snacks are vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free.”

Mridula  has over 25 years of expertise in the nutrition industry and designing healthy food recipes. Her son, Shaurya, has over ten years of entrepreneurial and digital marketing expertise, and her daughter-in-law, Vidushi (Co-founder and CMO, Eat Better), has worked for Godrej and co-founded the D2C clothing firm Soxytoes.

Eat Better manufactures everything in-house in Jaipur and employs over 100 people. Around 60 of those hired are women, in keeping with the brand’s aim to empower women. In June of this year, the business quadrupled its manufacturing capacity.

Shaurya says, “Our in-house production system helps us achieve the highest quality standards. If you glance at the back labels of our goods, you’ll see a list of natural, clean, and familiar ingredients. They are all supplied directly from farms, making farmers our valued partners.”

Eat Better obtains its raw supplies directly from farmers around the country. Such a bird’s eye perspective of the production process, according to Shaurya, is what sets them different. According to Shaurya.

“We have complete control over the production process, whereas most companies outsource this job to contract manufacturers that utilize a lot of chemicals, preservatives, and food coloring. Aside from that, all of our recipes are created in-house by a team of more than 35 women. Our snacks are still created in small quantities using the best ingredients and are completely natural.”

Eat Better ships across India. The firm primarily sells through its website and marketplaces such as Amazon and Kindlife.in.

The firm claims to have been profitable from its beginning and to have monthly sales of more than Rs 1 crore. While sales data were not provided, Eat Better claims to have grown by more than 400% year on year over the previous two years. According to IBEF, India would be a $30 billion market for health food by 2026.

Shaurya explains, “It is really tough for a small firm to compete against FMCG heavyweights.  Customers are actively seeking for healthy food alternatives, and there is a high level of understanding about what healthy eating entails. This makes it comparatively easy for us to acquire the confidence of our clients by offering them with delicious nutritious snacks.”

The business intends to expand into physical retail and other platforms.

Shaurya says, “We will also increase the quantity of things we sell. Our objective is to be the go-to brand for a family’s healthy snacking requirements.”

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