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Know how Expertia AI assists SMEs with virtual recruitment

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Expertia AI, a SaaS firm, provides a recruiting solution for SMEs. The Bengaluru-based firm assists SMES in automatically sourcing and identifying the top 10 candidates from a pool of over 25 job boards.

Despite the availability of technology and a variety of employment platforms, SMEs continue to struggle to hire competent employees because they lack the finances or know-how to purchase and manage pricey software licenses, database access, or premium job advertisements.

The resulting skill gaps become essential for them, since a bad hiring or inability to employ might jeopardize their existence.

Kanishk Shukla and Akshay Gugnai created Expertia AI in 2021 to provide recruiting solutions to SMEs.

The Bengaluru-based firm is an NLP-powered deep learning Virtual Recruiter that assists SMEs in automatically sourcing and identifying top candidates from a pool of applications.

“We intended to create an AI-powered Virtual Recruiter for SMEs that could automatically source, screen, and select top 10 applicants,” Kanishk, who is also the CEO of Expertia AI, adds.

This HRtech business located in California and Gurugram is on a quest to make continual feedback, dialogues, and culture in the contemporary workplace as simple as possible.

Over 500 firms, 1,000 recruiters, and over 1,00,000 professionals are reportedly utilizing the HRtech software as a service (SaaS) platform, which is supported by Chiratae Ventures, to automate the sourcing of suitable individuals and discover related employment.

Expertia AI posts job openings for organizations on over 25 job platforms at once, including Google for Jobs, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor.  The applications are then screened and ranked, and qualified individuals are shortlisted. It contains an algorithm that helps detect hidden abilities in resumes and mines the internet for the applicant’s professional data. The platform also includes a centralized talent pool where it saves data from both new and old job applications and uses it to find the best applicant. It eventually narrows down the top ten prospects, with one of them likely to be recruited by the organization.

The platform, according to the creators, is sector-agnostic and supports a variety of business verticals, however the majority of jobs posted and applications received are now in the IT industry.

At the moment, its key product offerings for professionals enrolled on the site include Career Advisor, Top 10 Jobs, and Upskill – Reskill advice.

“The ability to rapidly identify top 10 tech profiles from hundreds and thousands of resumes in seconds sets us apart from solutions available in the Indian HRtech industry,” Kanishk says.

The firm claims to have a 75% success rate in selecting the winning applicant based just on abilities.”

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