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Know how SuperSourcing helped 2,700 tech firms hire remote engineers

SuperSourcing, located in Indore, is an AI-powered platform that assists businesses in hiring remote engineers on a contract basis. It has so far collaborated with around 2,700 software companies.

While remote work has expanded prospects for developers worldwide, it has also resulted in firms failing to attract and keep trustworthy tech talent. Supersourcing, based in Indore, claims to overcome this problem through a community-based method. It links a pool of worldwide talent sources with engineering customers.

Aditi Chaurasia, Co-founder and COO of SuperSourcing, says, “Hiring remote developers has become a nightmare; last-minute drops, moonlighting, and insane demand have all become barriers for any firm wanting to expand. If you ask any creator what their biggest pain is right now, they would respond ‘right talent.'”

Aditi and Mayank Pratap founded SuperSourcing in 2019 as an AI-enabled platform for screening processes that assists early-stage startups and enterprises in hiring top remote engineering talent on a contract basis. The platform also hosts a variety of SaaS tools for hiring, managing productivity, vetting, and billing.

SuperSourcing blends automated and live testing. The AI and ML architecture underpins the whole product.

Mayank explains, “We parse thousands of job descriptions and resumes, as well as hundreds of data points and reviews, to discover the best fit for every role.”

Soft skills such as project teamwork and personality exams, as well as job experience and technical abilities such as coding challenges, recorded video replies, and virtual task-based results, are assessed by the platform.

Aditi advises, “We prioritize performance above backdrop. Hire individuals who are excellent at their jobs, not simply at interviewing for them.” .

The AI algorithm at SuperSourcing analyzes hundreds of replies, seeking for specific phrases or thoughts that correctly embody these ideals.  It automates manual tasks such as timesheets, status updates, attendance, billing, feedback, and so on.

Mayank feels that hiring a remote developer requires good communication and time management abilities.

Aditi explains, “Candidates with more of them receive higher grades, while those with less receive lower grades.”

It has created solutions to automate timesheets, evaluations, productivity, tasks, billing, agreements, leaves, and other post-hiring services.

According to the business, whereas most organizations take roughly 40 days to complete pre-hiring, SuperSourcing completes the process in around seven days.

Aditi adds, “Our artificial intelligence recommendation system identifies the top ten developers who are instantly accessible. Engineers are tested on communication, programming, situational questions, and hands-on tasks. Only 3% of best programmers expect to crack it. Those crafted super profiles do not necessitate interviews; all that is required is a promise of work quality and professionalism. Nonetheless, we hire for one round; it’s risk-free; no money, no advance; first trial, then trust.”

SuperSourcing is an asset-light approach that charges a commission on each applicant hired through the site. The firm claims to have made $3 million in ARR in 16 months and is expanding at a 20% monthly pace. It charges a platform fee of $99 per month.

To be considered for onboarding on the platform, the candidate must have at least four years of experience as a developer. The organization must have a minimum team size of 50 to participate as an agency.

According to the platform, it has assisted 28 unicorns, 32 YC-funded firms, and Fortune 500 brands. Its clients include Uber, video conferencing app Zoom, search engine Google, ecommerce behemoth Amazon, hyperlocal delivery firm Dunzo, indigenous food business Swiggy, and 70+ worldwide VC fund portfolio companies.

The startup now works with over 2,700 software firms, over 350 enterprise and financed customers, and over 12,000 engineers.

Some of the biggest names in the Indian startup ecosystem have invested in the company, including Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Founder & CEO, Paytm), Ritesh Malik (Founder, Innov8 Coworking), Nikhil Sharma (Principal Consultant, Capco), and Ankush Agrawal (Founder & CEO, Tree Cap Consulting), to name a few. SuperSourcing now comprises 52 team members, with the leadership team based in Bengaluru and the finance and HR teams based in Indore.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the engineering services market will increase at an 8% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) between 2021 and 2026.

SuperSourcing secured $500,000 in a seed round from different investors in June 2022.

The firm is aiming to build its data and technical teams by hiring ML and AI developers as well as data analysts in a variety of roles. It intends to hire 12,000 engineers over the next three months. SuperSourcing intends to exceed $50 million ARR in the next months.

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