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Love For Life and Love For Chocolates – A Unique Love Story of This Childhood buddies

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Childhood buddies, Sanjana and Parthesh Patel became soul mates and later colleagues when they helped to establish La Folie, a patisserie, in Mumbai, in 2014 in a little space with only four workers. 

Today, they have 35 workers, a chocolate industrial facility – other than the patisserie – and a turnover of Rs 5.5 crore in FY 2019-20. A second bistro they began in 2017 which turned out to be gigantically famous was closed down toward the beginning of the COVID pandemic. 

After criticism from clients we opened a second bistro where individuals could sit and partake in their food,” says Sanjana Patel. The admission incorporated an ‘the entire day breakfast menu’ which filled in ubiquity. 

Sanjana was just 22 when she got married with Parthesh in 2006. These Childhood buddies moved to London before long their marriage. 

Sanjana finished her culinary courses in the UK and France, and worked in top lodgings in France under famous cooks, while Parthesh contemplated the executives at Imperial College, London, and mechanical designing (respects) from University of Liverpool. 

At the point when Sanjana chose to go to France, to seek after her lords, the two accepted a significant distance marriage. 

They endeavored to make a specialty in their fields and returned to India in 2014 to launch La Folie, which before long transformed into a most loved frequent for food sweethearts in Mumbai. 

At La Folie, Sanjana brings her Love For Chocolates to their kitchen in Mumbai where they make their scrumptious bonbons, croissants, treats, truffles and innovator interpretations of French pastries. 

Her Studies and Family – 

Sanjana is a far and away Mumbai young lady. She was conceived and raised in Mumbai and concentrated in the best schools in the city, Maneckji Cooper School, and JB Petit High School for Girls. She went to St Hilda’s School, Ooty, to complete her Class 12 in a life experience school. 

Her dad Sushil Arora co-possessed Arora Fashions, an organization managing in offer of fare articles of clothing, with his sibling. 

Sanjana clarifies how she and Parthesh fastidiously arranged their life. “We had known one another since school and had talked about that we needed to get hitched and live abroad and see the world,” she says. 

Afterward, Sanjana filled in as a student with prestigious gourmet expert Pierre Herme and in some top Michelin Star eateries. 

She worked with extremely skilled individuals like Jean-Charles Rochoux, Patrick Roger, and Olivier Bajard,” Sanjana reviews her stretch in Paris, where she figured out how to make assortments of French baked goods and dishes. 

She then, at that point worked at Hotel Plaza Athenee, under Chef Christophe Michalak and Chef Alain Ducasse. Subsequent to working for almost seven years and discovering real confidence (in French food), where she chose to get back to India to join my better half, who had effectively moved in 2012 whenever he got a decent chance. 

“At the point when I returned 2014, the two of us had an unmistakable arrangement on beginning our business.” 

The thought was to open a patisserie where they would sell croissant, eclairs, cakes, macarons. “Fundamentally a wide range of French baked goods, as my mastery lay there and it turned into our conspicuous decision,” describes Sanjana.

With a venture of Rs 25 lakh, they began La Folie – under the aegis of PBS Gourmet Pvt Ltd they had shaped – with a back kitchen at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai’s occurring where a youthful group hangs out amidst bistros, and craftsmanship displays. 

They began with four staff, two gourmet specialists and two additional for client care. Before long the spot became famous with individuals visiting the patisserie frequently. Her cakes turned into all the rage. 

In the third year, they began a chocolate making production line. They source the cocoa bean from four mainlands and make new flavors for Indian clients. La Folie chocolate bars that we make are presently accessible at 40 outlets. 

She was a home bread cook and had her own side business. She lived in Ahmedabad and I heated with her from the age of eight,” she says. 

Sanjana loves perusing, and goes through her ends of the week at clubs playing badminton or swimming. 

She likewise has a cutting edge studio, The Classroom, at La Folie Lab, where she instructs cooking. Sanjana is confident of shutting FY 2020-21 with a higher turnover of Rs 6.5 crore regardless the COVID disturbance.

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