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Malaika Arora Glows in First Appearance Amid Breakup Rumors with Arjun Kapoor

The talk of the town right now is the connection between Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora. According to source said that the couple is no longer together and has broken up. Malaika made her first appearance now that their split had made headlines. The actor was seen getting out of a building’s elevator as she waved to the photographers.

The actor-dancer did not pause for pictures or selfies, even though she waved and grinned at the photographers. The nine-second tape shows Malaika calling out, “Malaika Ji wait,” “Malaika Ma’am wait,” and “Ma’am wait,” repeatedly, giving the impression that she was rushing. In the meantime, a source close confirmed the actors’ split and gave explanations for why their romance had reached its end.

“Malaika and Arjun shared a unique bond, and they will always have a particular place in each other’s hearts. They have made the decision to separate ways and will remain silent with dignity about this. They’re not going to let anyone pull and tear apart their relationship, according to a source that the entertainment portal used.

“Sadly, their long, loving, and flourishing partnership has come to an end. That does not imply that they are at odds with one another. They have been a rock of support and mutual respect for one another. They have shown a great deal of respect to their relationship over time. Even if they decide to separate ways, they will still treat each other with respect. They both spent years in a committed relationship, so they expect others to be understanding and give them room at this sensitive period, the insider continued.

In spite of the split rumors, Malaika posted an enigmatic message on Instagram that said, “Good Morning.The people who support and love us are the greatest treasures on earth. There are only a few of them for each of us, and they cannot be purchased or replaced. Nevertheless, neither Arjun nor Malaika have released a formal statement regarding the issue.

Malaika was married to Arbaaz Khan for over 19 years prior to her relationship with Arjun Kapoor. In 2017, they separated. Arhaan Khan, the actor’s son, is now shared by both parents.

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