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Meena Khadikar Composes a song at 91 as a tribute to her beloved sister Lata Mangeshkar

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Mumbai – recently witnessed the launch of the song ‘Tujach Swarane’ . A beautiful rendition conceptualised by Rachana Shah & Rhythm Wagholikar, sung by Manjiri Pravin Joshi and music composed by Meena Mangeshkar at 91 for her beloved sister Lata Mangeshkar.

The song revolves around one of the most revered and celebrated voice of the Indian subcontinent- Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar. Its about how her music supported, comforted and uplifted listeners all time.

There’s a distinctive versatility and femininity in her voice that Lata’s music still holds sway over millions, imbued with the mystery of the unknowable. There was devotion,surrender and perfection in her music that made it an irresistible combination.

‘ This song has unknowingly captures a permanent space in my heart as it revolves around my everything , our soul purpose of existence – my Didi. While going through the song -the tune just came to me spontaneously and Manjiri’s voice makes the song just something that penetrates your heart with ease . Im sure this song will be well received and loved by all her admirers.  My daughter Rachana Shah & Rhythm Wagholikar has conceptualised this song, the two are very creative and have always come with new creations every time. I wish them good luck on all their endeavours and bless them ‘ says Meena Mangeshkar Khadikar who has composed the song. She’s the second daughter of Pt. Deenanath Mangeshkar and sister of Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar and Hridaynath Mangeshkar . Meena Mangeshkar’s work in Hindi cinema includes the songs Duniya mein hum aaye hain toh from Mother India (sung with Lata and Usha), Phagun aaya from Pilpili Saheb, the duet Aapne chheen liya dil with Mohammed Rafi in the film Farmaish, Hai mausam yeh mastaana, muskuraana, dil churaana from Aabroo and Are koi jaao ri piya ko bulao from Patrani.

But she’s best known for composing music for the Marathi industry, including a popular kids’ song and album Asawa Sunder Chocolatecha Bungla, which was later recorded in Bengali and Gujarati too. Meena’s children Yogesh and Rachna sang the original song. Her song Saang Saang Bholanaath is also well known. Recently she’s also authored a book on Lata Mangeskhar narrating snippets from her life story.

While the authors & social activist Rachana Shah & Rhythm Wagholikar have shared a very close relationship with Lata Mangeshkar, have conceptualised the song. A statement by them read ‘Sisterly love goes beyond the realm of one’s existence!!

Otherwise, how does one comprehend this miracle?

At the age of 91, Meenatai Khadikar composes a song for her sister, Lata didi.

We bow down to this bond..

We stand overwhelmed in presenting a very special song.. This song resonates and reflects a budding artists, Manjiri Joshi’s deep reverence for her idol, Lata Mangeshkar. She has sung it straight from her heart. When Meenatai heard the lyrics, very spontaneously she hummed a tune and that was the birth of this song..

A special ode to our dearest Didi.. With love in hearts, we unveil this song on our page..

We hope you all like it and bring in the New Year with this song..

Happy New Year in gratitude, Rachana Rhythm

The song is sung by Manjiri Joshi. She has been professionally singing for the last 25 years. Making her presence with her songs and poetries on variously platforms. She has also done playback singing for films like Ramamadhav, Arohi, Tujhyamajhyat and many others. Her poetries have been published and well received by readers. She says ‘ We have grown up listening to Latajis Songs, there’s an inexplicable relationship that unknowingly forms in every music lover and Didi’s voice and i was one of them. The love and deep respect that one harbours for her is a result of this song and most of my songs that revolve around her. I was stunned when Meena Tai herself gave music to this song making it really soul stirring. Its true when words are just even touched by the Mangeshkars they become an everlasting tune. I am great full to my husband Pravin Joshi, Rachana Shah & Rhythm Wagholikar who conceptualised this song and everyone else who were a part of it’

The song is available at https://youtu.be/upaZe3cCJFA . Credits Music coordination Pravin Joshi, Shreyas Dandekar, Pancham Recording Studio Pune, Mukatal Mawal, Ajay Atre, Omkar Deshpande, Bhai Dole and Rajesh Gowande.

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