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Meet Dr. Devraj Singh Chouhan: The Guiding Force For The Medical Professionals

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The medical profession is certainly a noble but very tough profession and it is not just doctors who work hard but other medical staff including nurses also make great efforts in order to ensure that a patient gets proper treatment and recovers from illness. In the times of the coronavirus pandemic, we have started respecting the doctors, nurses and other medical staff more than ever as we have seen that many of them have lost their lives while treating COVID-19 positive patients.

Nursing is a great choice for career as the demand for nurses is pretty high at both national and international levels and nowadays not just women but men are also taking it up as their profession. What’s more, there are some people who are acting as guiding force for those aspirants who want to become nurses.

Dr. Devraj Singh Chouhan is one such person who has made immense contribution in the field of education and research in the nursing profession.  Recently, his efforts in the field of nursing were honoured by the INPA Welfare Foundation as Dr. Devraj Singh Chouhan was conferred with Post Doctoral Research Excellence Award on 15th September 2021. This award was given to him for appreciating and recognizing the outstanding contribution that he has made in the field of Academics, Research and Society.

Dr. Devraj Singh Chouhan hails from a village called Salyawari which is in Bhilwara district, Rajasthan, and presently he is residing at Gangapur, Bhilwara. As far as his educational qualification is concerned, he has completed his Ph.D from Shri Venketashwara University, Gajrola, UP, and in the present times, he is serving as the Associate Professor, Ph.D Coordinator and Head of Department (Psychiatry Nursing) in Parul Institute of Nursing, Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat. Dr. Devraj Singh Chouhan has received many awards at the national as well as international levels and he also works as an editor in two international journals.

Dr. Devraj Singh Chouhan also founded the UIJIR academic research foundation which aims to encourage and support the Researchers, Scholars, Academicians and Professionals who are working in all academic and scientific disciplines by publishing Scientific Journals, Books, Providing Professional Memberships and Conducting Conferences.

Dr. Devraj Singh Chouhan has also co-authored a book related to COVID-19 which has been titled as “The Outbreak Of COVID-19: Fear Of Death”. The book deals with the impact of COVID-19 on the mental and physical health of the health professionals. He also gives live sessions on various topics in order to make people aware regarding many issues that may be harmful to them.

We hope that Dr. Devraj Singh Chouhan will continue his good work in the future as well!

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