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Meet Kruthika Kumaran who founded Vilvah while soothing her daughter’s eczema

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Kruthika Kumaran founded skincare startup Vilvah while she was trying to soothe her daughter’s eczema. The company current offers various skincare products like soaps, body butters and moisturizers.

Hundreds of beauty industry firms, some worth millions of dollars in revenue, advertise organic products that are suitable for Indian skin but seldom deliver. However, one Coimbatore-based firm is producing skincare products made completely of natural components.

The Vilvah Store, which opened in 2017, sells soaps, hair care products, insect repellent, deodorants, body butters and body yoghurts, and moisturisers. The business even released a sunscreen this week.

Kruthika Kumaran did not set out to develop a brand; rather, she intended to make a soap to heal her daughter’s eczema.

Kruthika’s mother died as a result of a skin problem complication. Women street sellers in India frequently face at least two pressures: the first is to sell their product at a reasonable price, and the second is to do so before it becomes dark. The latter is due to the fact that once night falls, many shoppers become concerned about purchasing fruits and vegetables.

Vilvah, which began in 2017 with a Facebook and Instagram page, now has three storefronts as well as a website in addition to its social media platforms. Kumaran, her husband, subsequently joined her. In FY23, the firm expects to generate Rs 30 crore in sales.

The usage of goat milk has changed the game for the brand.

Kruthika says, “Being from an agricultural background, I produced products with goat milk because it is recognised for its great moisturising capabilities. As a brand, we distinguished out because of our milk-based offerings. We now have a full line of milk-based skin and hair care products.”

Kruthika’s major problems were assembling a team and selecting the correct components. “It was difficult for us to establish that sort of formulation utilising just organically derived components to improve the composition,” she explains.

Customer input assisted the firm in improving its offerings.

“We take a lot of input, we truly listen to our clients, and we’ve built up a research and development team to work on all of this feedback,” she adds.

On social media, Kruthika even responds to direct messages.The team has now engaged a cosmetic scientist and has made research investments.

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