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Meet Shoba Alladi who built OK BOSS: Your errand runner & personal assistant

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Shoba Alladi has founded a startup to help those looking for an errand runner and personal assistant. She is a Chartered Accountant who has worked in a variety of firms in India and internationally.

Shoba Alladi, is the founder of a startup called, OK BOSS, that serves as an errand runner or personal assistant.

She says, “There are major market actors in a variety of industries, such as food delivery and housing, but there is no one-step answer. We at Ok Boss- provide customised unique services, anyone can use the platform easily and get any kind of work done ranging from buying groceries, ordering home made food, to getting a form picked up from their child’s school can be done they can even ask for someone to accompany their parents to the airport or get their house tax checked.”

Shoba is a Chartered Accountant who has worked in a variety of firms in India and internationally. She has also completed an MBA and a PMP management program. She formerly worked in management, where she was responsible for optimisation and scaling.

When she returned to India, she realized that some activities, such as collecting up parcels, paperwork work, and other things like delivery services, were bothering her parents, her friend’s parents, and other people her age.

She considered assisting them and devised the concept of OK BOSS, a platform that is always at the customer’s disposal.

They began in 2020, when covid was at its pinnacle, and began pick-up and delivery services. Their original clients were individuals in need of healthcare items, and they assisted many covid sufferers by supplying them with medications.

When the limits were lifted, they expanded their business to include electricians, plumbers, and government services, and they have been doing so ever since.

Their operational staff, which includes her, handles day-to-day activities such as assuring great service and staying in touch with clients.

Not only that, but all of their employees are background checked, have a copy of their address and an Aadhar card, and a trustworthy person visits their home to guarantee that they are indeed residing there.

Shoba continued, “NRIs and seniors are not comfortable with various applications, but with OK BOSS- In addition to a fully functional website and App, they have 24/7 assistance, they can either phone or send a whatsapp message, and they can report a voice message to get their work done.”

Customer satisfaction is a primary focus, and their whole staff works closely with their clients to continually enhance and develop their processes and services. Their repeat clients number in the 70s and 80s. They are offering services that have never been offered in India before, and they are already meeting with apartment associations and elder care institutions to serve as their one-stop centralized PA.

Finding the appropriate individuals is the first difficulty for every business; they locate people and then train them to be personal assistants. They teach their personnel, for example, on how to interact with clients and operate effectively.

As a modest firm, they wish to grow to other cities and market more, but financial restrictions prevent them from doing so. They have been bootstrapping until recently, but are now looking for equity-based funding to help the firm grow.

When asked to provide advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, Shobha said,  “The entrepreneurial ecosystem in India is very vibrant right now, it is very challenging, and yet there are great opportunities for young people, anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit should definitely try it out, they should sweat it out instead of going for a stable job, they will live to reap the benefits of their decisions, they should keep going and take risks, at the very least they would gather an enormous amount of experience and exposure.”

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