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Meet the brothers who earn lakhs while preserving the beauty of a bird sanctuary

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Chatur Chidiyaa is a sustainable company that protects the splendor of the Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary while creating zero-carbon footprint emissions. The sanctuary is located in Sanand Village, Gujrat, India.

Two brothers founded Chatur Chidiyaa, an eco-friendly business to preserve the splendor of the Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary.

On a globe where the environment is constantly degrading, watching birds sitting on a branch and chirping is becoming increasingly rare. The idea, which began as a class assignment, has grown into a corporation that is on track to earn Rs 70 lakh this year.

Rutul devised the Chatur Chidiyaa business plan after being assigned the duty of establishing a product from the ground up in his final year. He then discussed the idea with Ronak, who was completing his MBA.

He was a first-year student at the National Institute of Design (NID) when authorities at Nal Sarovar urged students to create mementos using local materials for delegations and visitors who frequent the wetland. Nal Sarovar’s wildlife and flowers surprised him.

The brothers spent their two months in Nal Sarovar talking with the residents and learning about their way of life as well as the economic disaster they were facing. They were forced to capture birds from Nal Sarovar and sell them in local marketplaces due to a lack of awareness of how to produce on saline soil and a lack of nearby companies where they could work.

The forest department was patrolling, but because the lake is so large, their efforts continued. They recognized the peasants were just endangering their lives since they had no other source of income.

They made the choice to construct a few goods that would be simple to make and could be done mainly by hand, with little use of machines or other capital, and they employed locals to do so.

To provide these families with a steady source of money, they sought and recruited local women, some of whom were the wives of poachers, to make the products. Their arrival also coincided with the peak of Nal Sarovar’s flora and fauna. They observed the interactions between migratory and local birds. They also understood what tourists to Nal Sarovar expected. With such insights, they were able to create objects that are precise replicas of nature, but in a novel and exciting way.

Chatur Chidiyaa, which was founded in 2014 and adheres to a zero-carbon footprint philosophy, now produces notebooks, paperweights, wall hangings, and other goods through their online shop in India. Notebooks range in price from Rs 180 to Rs 550, while bird stands and pebble paperweights cost Rs 300. They based their product catalog and business on the resources and procedures that sustainability provides with the zero-carbon footprint method.

Because the wetlands have such a strong impact on their work, they started their self-financed business by selling their crafts on the banks of the Nal Sarovar. They built their product line and company on the materials and processes available from sustainability.

Chatur Chidiyaa’s business model is built on a zero-carbon footprint and long-term environmental, social, and economic viability. While they ensure that the completed product is appealing, they also ensure that the entire production process is responsible and ecologically friendly. Their products are made from eco-friendly materials such as clay, repurposed fabric, bamboo, and others.

They currently have a team of 13, with nine of them being locals. Artists who paint billboards and license plates decorate the cover pages of the Chatur Chidiyaa diaries. On their ceramics, they work with potter families.

Chatur Chidiyaa gives suggestions for handmade techniques that compliment nature that have been carefully examined and properly grasped. They built their product line and company on the materials and processes available from sustainability.

The company’s objective is to be a green business that blends safe materials and innovative ways into the product to provide an improved customer experience that finally connects people with the place. The brothers are changing the appearance of your house and the lives of the rural residents in the region by protecting and encouraging nature.

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