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Meet  voiceover artist Resham Talwar who was born blind but never gave up

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Resham Talwar, a voiceover artist who lives in Delhi and was born blind, is a good example of what it means to never give up as she recounts how she overcame bullying via music.

Resham Talwar, 25, has never let her blindness prevent her from having huge dreams. Her parents made sure she started learning braille at the National Association for Blind, Delhi, at a very young age after realising early on that she would need some specialised abilities to navigate life.

When she was in Class 2, this aided in her integration into a regular school.

After earning her degree from Delhi University, she continued on to IGNOU to finish her master’s degree.

I have never known what it is like to see things because I was born blind. Touch and feel are the primary ways that I learn about the world.

Instead of seeing colours and feelings, I experience them.

I’ve only ever known this life, she says to The Better India.

Blind voiceover artist Resham Talwar says, “My reality is extremely different from yours,” in a recording studio

The worst teasing will frequently come from family members and close friends.

I could hear the family members’ compassion in their voices.

They frequently expressed their sadness at having to raise me for the rest of my life.

She continues, “Friends and instructors at school occasionally said nasty things.

Resham said she has always made an effort to not take these things personally. She claims that her immediate family’s unwavering support has kept her going.

“My mum studied braille alongside me because she wanted to share in my adventure.

She goes on, “There were occasions when even the school’s teachers would minimise my disability.

Contrary to popular belief, I have always been a decent student who works hard, despite all of this and more.

I have never let my disability stand in my way or used it as a crutch.”

Resham received the Indira Award from the CBSE, Government of India, for her outstanding achievement in Class 10.

Resham began taking private music lessons when she was nine years old.

“My family has always been musically inclined. I didn’t need any formal instruction to recognise songs as a young child or to perform the music on the harmonium.

My innate ability to play the piano, “she claims.

She says, “In a way, not having a group of friends in school encouraged me to pursue my love for music,” and by the time she got to college, she found that people were very accepting of her and her work.

I was frequently referred to as their star performer and was regularly asked to participate in campus functions.

Because of my popularity, I even gained the titles of Miss Fresher and Miss Farewell while I was a student.

I received equal treatment, “she claims.

She remembers taking part in tournaments when she was quite little. Since then, Resham has competed in and won a number of events for her college and school.

Resham, who has performed live more than 1,000 times around India, is currently focusing on advancing her voiceover artist career.

In the long run, she hopes to provide her voice for all Hindi-dubbed films.

In addition, I’ve started writing jingles for folks on their birthdays and anniversaries.

I write down the person’s unique features, combine them into a jingle, and sing it as well, she continues.

In addition, she has taken part in a number of television reality programmes, including The Voice, Indian Idol, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, and others. On the most of these events, I made it through the multiple city (Delhi) level rounds but was unable to continue.

I was in school and college at the time as well.

My attention is now on developing a career as a voiceover artist, “Adds she.

In response to the question of what sort of music she likes, Resham states, “Even now, I go back to the oldies from the 90s – Celine Dion (particularly My Heart Will Go On), Enrique Iglesias, and Michael Learns to Rock.

Resham claims that up until a year ago, she would look for employment. Now she is attempting to establish herself as a voiceover artist.

But today, circumstances have changed.”

She says, “Being sought out for projects feels wonderful. I am enjoying the excitement and commotion of voicing so many different characters. I am unable to discuss the specifics of the projects due to a non-disclosure agreement, however I can confirm that I provided the voiceover for the Savlon commercial.”

It just demonstrates that persistence and diligence always pay off, she claims.

In addition to all of this, Resham performs in Atypical Advantage’s Mini Concert, a performance by musicians with impairments.

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