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Nutrifresh India: Meet the 2 friends who built Rs. 64.9 cr hydroponic farm business

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The vegetables, wheat, and fruits grown today often contain artificial fertilizers and pesticides, which can cause cancer, hormone disturbances, and reproductive and developmental problems. The green revolution has helped us become self-sufficient but has distracted us from health. To avoid harming future generations, organic farming is known to solve this issue.

However, it is expensive and less productive, and in India, only 2.30 million hectares of farmland were under organic agriculture in March 2019. Some are leading the fight against pesticide- and chemical-based agriculture, demonstrating that scientific study and technology can generate abundant vegetables and fruit, surpassing pesticide- and chemical-based agriculture.

We shall discuss “Nutrifresh India” today. The firm was founded by Sanket Mehta and Ganesh Nikamduring a casual conversation regarding food quality.

Nutrifresh India?

Nutrifresh India began in early 2012–2013 when Ganesh visited Sanket, a loan manager at the Central Bank of India in Pune, to explore agri-financing options.

Sanket, a Master’s degree in agriculture from the University of Pune, and Ganesh, a Bachelor’s degree from Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, had some casual conversations about agriculture and food, which led to the idea to do something about pesticide-laden food.

The main topic was “Our stomachs are not trash cans, so we have the right to know how our food was grown or where it comes from.”

A simple yet strong idea sparked numerous discussions. As their friendship strengthened, they considered creating an organic farm collaboration. They were so convinced that they quit their high-paying careers to work for Nutrifresh India.

Both Nutrifresh India founders started with 1 lakh rupees in personal funds in 2014, renting a 4-hectare organic sugarcane plantation. Their technology surpassed the industry norm of 60–70 metric tons of sugarcane output in the first year, generating almost 100 metric tons.

They still cultivate orchids, gerbera, and roses in playhouses they erected in 2016. The largest orchid supplier in Maharashtra is Nutrifresh India.

After their previous successes and studies, they discovered about hydroponics. This method’s ability to generate high-quality food with less water intrigued them.  The creators recognized a big chance to start a farm-to-fork revolution.

We aim to be known for nutritious, fresh, and clean meals. We wish to educate every Indian home about hydroponic vegetables. Our goal is to pioneer the farm-to-fork movement in India.”

Nutrifresh India, India’s first hydroponic enterprise, sells 42+ SKUs and is profitable. It has 15,000 members and 1,000 weekly active users.  It also promises 100 daily orders.

Archer Investments, Green Frontier Capital, and Sky Kurtz invested $5 million in Nutrifresh India. Their 10-acre hydroponic farm in Pune is only the start.

While studying novel agricultural methods, the creators discovered hydroponics. A soilless gardening method is transforming agriculture. Nutrient-rich water solutions nourish plants instead of dirt.

This technique precisely controls growth conditions, decreases pesticide use, and saves water. Hydroponics greatly increases per-unit output while saving 90% of water and producing pesticide-free fruit.

This strategy also helped the firm develop. Nutrifresh India cultivates 33 hectares. Cleaner and more sophisticated procedures.

Starting with post-production, it ensures that vegetables, fruits, and other agricultural goods are supplied directly to clients from the field without personal touch. It signifies the produce is pesticide-free, chemical-free, and nutritious.

Ganesh Nikam passionately states: “We believe everyone deserves access to good food, and we are committed to making that happen. Nutrifresh is our approach of changing the world.”

Sustainability with AI

Artificial intelligence is the next great thing and helps Nutrifresh succeed. They optimize hydroponic farming with AI. AI monitors and adjusts water and temperature to maximize resource utilization. This conserves water and optimizes crop development.

Sanket Mehta says, “Our AI integration into farming isn’t just about technology; it’s about responsible resource management. Use every drop of water carefully and create a sustainable farming paradigm for future generations.”
A company that empowers women

Nutrifresh India promotes gender equality. Nearly 60% of its employees are women. The Nutrifresh India company recruits women from nearby communities. Several more events show their everlasting support for women.

Nutrifresh’s mom-centric distribution network promotes women’s entrepreneurship and a healthy lifestyle for moms.

Nutrifresh India has teamed with 10,000 Mumbai and Pune women called ‘Tigress Moms’ to promote healthy eating and lifestyle through P2P marketing. The women in this project get 10-15% commission on NutriFresh orders.
Farm-to-fork trend made possible by Nutrifresh

The Nutrifresh creators want to supply fresh produce straight to customers. Fresh from farmers to plates. Customers want fresh agriculture goods.

It took major steps to achieve. It has an app and over 100 b2b collaborations with Zomato, Big Basket, Swiggy, and others. Due to these efforts, Nutrifresh is available across India.

Nutrifresh: Agro-food Industry Silent Revolution

Nutrifresh India is the hidden revolution in the Indian food business, not merely an agri-tech company. Sanket Mehta and Ganesh Nikam, Nutrifresh India’s founders, care about farmers and consumers’ health. Hydroponics and AI are helping them start a revolution that promises safe, healthy, and inexpensive food for everybody.

The movement will profoundly affect the Indian food sector and beyond. The creators of Nutrifresh India said, “We’re excited to see what the future holds for Nutrifresh.” We work hard to improve how people eat because we believe we can.

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