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Rakhi Sawant speaks on ‘Love Jihad’ after Salman Khan saves her marriage

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Rakhi Sawant claims that Salman Khan regards her as his sister, and that her marriage has survived due of ‘Bhaijaan’. Salman Khan appears to have called Rakhi’s husband Adil and instructed him to accept her as his wife.

Rakhi Sawant, the entertainment queen, is currently making news due to her marriage. Rakhi had previously astonished everyone by posting photographs and videos of her marriage to Adil Durrani on social media.

People congratulated Rakhi, but Rakhi said that her marriage is on the verge of dissolving and that Adil does not speak to her.

Rakhi also said that she married in 2022 but kept it a secret from everyone because of Adil. Salman Khan, Rakhi’s brother, has finally rescued her damaged marriage. Along with this, Rakhi also commented about Love Jihad.

Rakhi is seen in a video with her husband Adil that is becoming popular on social media. Rakhi informs the paparazzi in the video that her marriage has been salvaged, and Salman Khan himself has explained and spoken to Adil.

Rakhi stated that her life has returned to normal, and Adil has accepted her as his wife. When asked about love jihad in another video, Rakhi stated that she had no idea what it is.

Adil and Rakhi agree on this point. Rakhi concludes her speech by saying that she has converted to Islam only to marry Adil and that her new name is Fatima.

According to Islam, a person does not become a Muslim by accepting the religion only for marriage or any other material gain or personal benefit. Accepting Islam must be from the heart and the religion is against forceful conversion or even the so called “Love Jihad.”

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