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Rangoli Chandel Reacts Strongly to Kangana Ranaut’s Airport Slap: ‘Security Issue Must Be Fixed’

A Bollywood actress was hit by a CISF female guard while she was at the airport in Chandigarh undergoing security checks. After sharing the footage, Kangana disclosed that she even questioned the guard about the reason for the slap. Rangoli Chandel, the sister of Manikarnika’s actress, responded to the slap incident in this regard.

Rangoli Chandel posted on Instagram Stories, saying, “My sister’s spine is made of steel, so she will handle this on her own, but Punjab tera kya hoga. Khalistanio bas yehi aukaat hai tum logo ki. Peechey se plan karna aur attack karna.” Once again, #farmersprotest was Khalistani Adda! There was a major security risk here, thus we must escalate this!  In a different tale she composed, “Suspend karne se isko farak nahi padega…moti rakam aa gayi hogi khalistaniyo se…remand pe lena padega isko…”

Reason of the slap incident

After sharing the footage, Kangana disclosed that she even questioned the guard about the reason for the slap. The guard responded by saying that she disagreed with Kangana’s perspective and that she supported the farmer protest. “Hi there, pals! Numerous calls are coming in from the media and my well-wishers. First of all, I’m safe and doing great. Today’s incident at the Chandigarh airport occurred during a security check. The CISF security officer at the other compartment waited for me to go by before striking me in the face as soon as I moved ahead.

She abused me as well. She said that she supports farmer protests when I asked her why she had hit me. Kangana Ranaut stated, “I’m safe, but I’m worried about how we’re going to handle the rise in extremism and terrorism in Punjab.” 

Kulwinder Kaur, a woman policeman with the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), has been suspended from employment as a result of the charge. Additionally, a FIR has been filed against her, according to officials.

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