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Ranveer Singh Exits ‘Rakshas’ Project Suddenly After Just Three Days of Filming

Actor Ranveer Singh is reportedly furious with the makers of “Rakshas” because of his abrupt decision to leave the film. Although a recent rumour said that he and director Prasanth Varma parted ways amid creative issues, a source close to the production has now confirmed that the actor departed the film without offering any reason. Since HanuMan became popular, Prasanth Varma, the well-known South Indian director, has been in the news. He disclosed the date of the highly awaited “Jai HanuMan” sequel’s release after this movie’s premiere. Rumours also surfaced that the director and Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh were in talks for a second project.

Working together, these two were producing a film titled “Rakshas,” which was purportedly influenced by Indian mythology.

Ranveer Singh Quits “Rakshas,” Directed by Prasanth Varma
According to a Times Now insider, Ranveer was the one who “pursued” the HanuMan filmmaker because the latter had no imminent plans to begin filming “Rakshas.” According to reports, Prasanth had another Telugu movie scheduled, but he decided to shelve it in order to concentrate on “Rakshas” because of the actor’s “enthusiasm.”

Regarding his sudden departure from the movie, the insider stated, “Ranveer came down to shoot with us.” Despite rumours to the contrary, he didn’t film a first-look video with us. He spent three days with us throughout the filming of the movie. We gladly packed up…He informs us via SMS the following day that he will not be able to work on the movie. There was no justification provided as to why. We were taken aback. The fact that this revelation was leaked to the Mumbai media made matters worse. We would have handled the situation softly and discretely. Even for unprofessional actions, controversy-making is a favourite pastime in Mumbai. It’s not how we operate here.

According to the same tale, Ranveer was discouraged from beginning “Rakshas” by someone. “If this is true, then he should to have followed the advice sooner to spare us the humiliation and losses.”

True about the financial losses brought about by Singh’s exit, the insider revealed that if he decides not to finish the production, the team intends to incorporate Ranveer’s three days of filming into the final product. The creators have left open the potential of his reappearance. However, we would like to ask Ranveer a question: Is this a joke?

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