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Raveena Tandon Files Defamation Suit Of Rs 100 Crore Over Viral Road Rage Video

The senior actress Raveena Tandon is currently making headlines because of a road rage video and the events that unfolded after that.

Recently, the actress filed a defamation suit of Rs. 100 crore against a person who is refusing to remove a video which allegedly misrepresents a road rage incident involving Raveena Tandon.

A person named Mohammed has claimed that when his family members were returning from somewhere, Raveena Tandon’s driver ran over the car of his mother. When they objected, the driver assaulted his niece and after that, Raveena came out of the car and assaulted his mother. The police investigation revealed that Raveena’s car has not hit anyone.

Here is the video:

He also alleged that he went to Khar Police station but his complaint is not being filed by the police. After some time, a police official stated that both the parties have reached a compromise on the matter.

However, now the person who had uploaded the video of the incident is refusing to remove the video from his X account after which Raveena has filed a defamation case against him. Raveena’s lawyer Sana Raees Khan stated, “Recently, an attempt was made to embroil Raveena in a false and frivolous complaint which was clarified in CCTV footage and no complaint was filed. However, recently, a person claiming to be a journalist is disseminating false information on X regarding the said incident, which is factually incorrect and misleading.”

Raveena’s lawyer further said, “This dissemination of false news appears to be a deliberate attempt to tarnish Raveena’s reputation for ulterior motives. The intent behind continuously spreading these falsehoods seems to be rooted in extortion and a desire to gain cheap publicity at the expense of Raveena’s dignity. We are currently taking all necessary legal steps to address this issue and ensure that justice is served and action is taken against him for perpetuating this defamatory campaign.”

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