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Sagar Patidar worked from home to build a Rs6cr IT business during Covid-19

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Many people are in a dilemma today whether to work from home or go to the office. Here’s the inspiring story of Sagar Patidar who launched Primathon Technologies in 2019 and worked hard from home to turn it into a Rs 6 crore turnover business.

Sagar Patidar, the 28-year-old founder and director of the Gurgaon-based software firm Primathon Technologies, has come a long way from his birthplace in Madhya Pradesh.

Sagar’s journey is an inspiring tale of a young man from a village with low financial resources making a name for himself in the field of information technology.

Sagar says he is the only formally trained and academically competent engineer in his whole family, which is agriculture oriented.

Sagar founded Primathon Technologies in January 2019 with Rs 40 lakh in personal savings and loans from friends.

The company develops scalable software services and tailor-made software solutions.

Despite the Covid epidemic, his company’s revenue increased to Rs 2.4 crore in 2020-2021, and it has now surpassed Rs 6 crore this year.

“We are aiming for $100 million (about Rs 750 crore) in revenue and an IPO in this decade,” says the first-generation entrepreneur.

The company began with just two employees from a co-working space in Gurgaon and has since grown to 45 employees.

Employees worked from home throughout the outbreak.

Sagar and his staff worked from home for their clients, unfazed by the pandemic-induced lockdown.

With the number of Covid cases decreasing, they have rented a co-working space in Gurgaon again, and some of the staff have begun to come to the office for work.

“We were just getting started in 2019 when the epidemic hit,” Sagar recalls of his startup’s early days.

“He claims that as a software company, all they needed were laptops and internet connections to continue working from home.

He continues, “My goal was to save money for unexpected expenses.

Sagar established ‘Primathon Academy’ in February of this year, a training platform for new developers or engineers wishing to build a career in software development.

Sagar founded Primathon Academy to teach and hire new developers and engineers.

According to Sagar, the six-month course costs Rs 2 lakh and comes with a job placement guarantee.

Once the candidate is placed in a company, the cost will be repaid in EMIs over a two-year period.

They presently have 30 students enrolled, and their first batch will graduate this summer.

He received his B.Tech in computer science and engineering from IIT Delhi (2011-2015).

Between 2013 and 2015, he and some of his undergraduate friends founded Cibola, a startup dedicated to making mobile payments more user-friendly and developing a mobile wallet system.

In 2014, angel investors contributed Rs 50 lakh to their proposal.

Sagar and his friends skipped college to work on this project.

However, despite working on it for six months, the initiative did not succeed due to RBI guidelines.

They subsequently decided to close the firm and return to college.

In March 2016, he began working as a software developer at Rivigo, a logistics firm in Gurgaon, where he assisted in the development of their core technology.

In 2018, I resigned from my work and began investigating agri-tech “Sagar explains.

He recognized that agri-tech was a capital- and operations-intensive area and decided to pursue other opportunities.

Sagar is driven by Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 Hours Rule.”

Sagar says he recognized that his competence was in software and technology.

“After dabbling with my hobbies and nearly dropping out of my last year at IIT, I saw the light and started Primathon.

But, Sagar’s family, while supportive of his entrepreneurial decisions, was unable to invest financially in his new venture.

“However, he perseveres, gaining a great deal of inspiration and courage from a golden rule he follows.”

“I believe in Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘10,000 hours rule,'” the determined young guy says.

Gladwell wrote the book ‘Outliers: The Story of Success.’

According to this theory, in order to become world-class in any subject, you must put in 10,000 hours of purposeful practice, which equates to around three hours each day for 3,333 days.

Sagar says hard work is the only way to achieve success.

Sagar’s life objective, he says, is to produce money not only for himself, but also for those who work for him.

He claims that, in addition to a fair pay and higher-than-industry-standard increments of 50% -60%, employees at Primathon are also given equity and constant training.

Sagar also contributes to Anubhuti Samiti, a non-governmental organization that teaches and cares for roadside children who are unable to attend school.

He says you can give back to society even if you are not successful or wealthy.

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