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Shah Rukh Khan’s Bold Political Advice to Rahul Gandhi: ‘Don’t Take Money Under the Table’

Actor Shah Rukh Khan is among Bollywood’s top performers. Apart from his exceptional acting abilities, he is renowned for his charitable endeavors and sharp observations. Shah Rukh Khan never holds back when expressing his opinions and never tries to appear tactful. This was demonstrated by SRK’s class-apart response to Rahul Gandhi’s request for political guidance in a flashback video that we uncovered on our Instagram page.

Rahul Gandhi received political advice from Shah Rukh Khan
Hardly every law-abiding Indian citizen is without a strong political opinion about what has to be done to improve living conditions in India. In a vintage video, Shah Rukh Khan discussed the same topic. It so happened that SRK was asked, “What’s your one piece of advice for politicians?” by Rahul Gandhi at an occasion.

Shah Rukh Khan was not afraid to express his direct opinions when asked for political advice. He began by admitting that “lying and deceit” are part of his line of work, but he made it clear that politicians shouldn’t do this. Rather, people ought to labour honourably, abstain from dishonest business practices, and be proud of their country. According to his own words:

“I work in ‘lying and deceit’ for a livelihood, so I’m only show business. The only suggestion, in my opinion, should be to work honestly and have pride in your country. Cherish this nation and let’s refrain from shady dealings. Don’t do any dubious things. Everyone will profit from doing the right thing, everyone will be content, and our country will grow into one that is truly great and proud. Thus, I would advise all politicians to be as truthful as they can.”

Running a women’s rehab facility in his father’s honor is Shah Rukh Khan.
Meer Taj Mohammed Khan, the father of Shah Rukh Khan, was an advocate for freedom. The Meer Foundation, a rehabilitation facility for victims of acid attacks, was founded in SRK’s honor. This organization, which demonstrates his dedication to social problems, is essential in advancing women’s empowerment because it offers facilities and vocational training to those who require it.

Lateef Fatima Khan, the mother of Shah Rukh Khan, is the name of a Mumbai hospital ward.

Once, Shah Rukh Khan went to see the family of one of his colleagues at the Nanavati Hospital. He visited the hospital and saw that it was in very bad shape because of a lack of funding and that the equipment needed to be updated significantly. Profoundly affected, SRK gave the hospital a sizeable donation to enable them to get the necessary upgrade. The children’s ward of Nanavati Hospital was named after Shah Rukh Khan’s mother, Lateef Fatima Khan, in remembrance of this. This honour deeply moved SRK, who discussed it in multiple interviews. He keeps making donations to organizations that promote wellbeing.

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