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Small Spark Concepts builds innovative air filters to boost mileage of bikes

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Pune-based Mayur Patil launched a startup that makes  innovative air filters. Mayur started Small Spark Concepts with the Rs 5 lakh he secured at IIM Ahmedabad’s Power of Ideas programme.

Mayur Patil from Nashik, like many other college students, struggled to save money during his graduation. The two-stroke, gas-guzzling motorcycle was one of his primary annoyances.

However, solving this issue has enabled him to create an ingenious device that he claims would lower carbon emissions by 40% and enhance vehicle mileage.

Mayu says he was the motorcycle’s second owner, and it had low fuel efficiency, with a mileage of 16 to 20 KMPL compared to the market’s 35 KMPL. He adds, he was spending approximately half of his pocket money on gas and wanted to save money on it.

Mayur, a mechanical engineering student, then resolved the problem on his own.  In 2015, after submitting his proposal to IIM Ahmedabad, he was chosen for their Power of Ideas programme.

Mayur says, “The Power of Ideas programme is a startup challenge competition. It assists in the development of new ideas and the mindset of aspiring entrepreneurs. During the 15-day boot camp, I received a prize of Rs 5 lakh.”

A year later, Mayur used the award money to commercialize his concept and establish his firm, Small Spark Concepts, in Pune.

“I worked part-time at a garage to cover my expenditures and keep investing in the product,” he continues.

Later, he developed a patented air filter that decreases carbon emissions by 40% while increasing fuel efficiency.

Mayur says, “The Small Spark Concepts filter improves the efficiency of bikes by 30-40%  and cars and buses by 10-20%.. Furthermore, they have a lifespan of 1 lakh kilometres and do not need to be replaced during the vehicle’s lifetime.”

Furthermore, filters for additional automobiles are available.

He intends to release air filters for a variety of cars and diesel engines.

Mayur says, “Using these air filters in automobiles and diesel engine generators can reduce carbon emissions by 5%, which is considerable for a country like India. I intend to bring air filters to regional transportation offices in other states.”

Mayur says he is working on a scheme in which travel firms and transportation businesses may use the filters and receive carbon credits for the amount of carbon emissions saved.

Mayur says, he secured a funding of Rs 90 lakh under the Atal New India Challenge (ANIC). He adds that he will use the money to set up a full-fledged plant with in-house research and development, manufacturing unit, and pollution capture devices.

But for the time being, he is pleased to have invented a product that can solve the pressing issue of climate change.

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