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Journey to the successful laundry business and creating a history approach

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You may have heard about many businesses before but have you ever thought that a successful laundry business can help someone to create an empire of millions. Here is a complete story of how everything is done. 

The role of our tidy dressing style and hygienic dressing is not hidden from anyone when it comes to making the first impression. It is indeed a good way of making the first impression. Carrying yourself is the first requirement that you need to fulfill when making a good impression on someone’s mind. 

Starting up a successful laundry business

Everyone just loves to wear the perfect dress up to look attractive. But the problem is that doing the laundry work is not an easy task and sometimes there is a big gap in what you want and what is done. They look totally fail when it comes to removing strain, loss of cloth, etc. You will be amazed to know that Sandhya Nambiar recognized this problem in the early phase and started working in the same direction. She recognized the opportunity and turned it into a successful laundry business.

What is special about a successful laundry business?

Sandhya Nambiar started the venture which focused on good cloth washing and ironing solutions. She started working in this direction in 2017 and established the Isthripetti organization. Now you must be wondering what is special or unique about their business. Well, many things make this organization different from any other common organization that is working in this direction. Taking the initial step and understand the need of the market they made themselves a successful laundry business. 

They actually take orders with the special requirements of the customers and work in the same direction to win the hundred percent faith and trust. This stream ironing and laundry business are providing business to business and business to customers solutions for their special needs. This special touch and understanding helped her to stand the successful laundry business


Now you must be thinking about the initial phase of the business. Well, you must have heard about this most commonly work done in the house. Usually, some large size organizations prefer to do it with the dhobis, which generally follow the conventional method of doing it.

However, when we talk about the reputation of the large size organization there are many more things to do professionally. Sandhya realized the need for professional laundry and ironing services that are required to deal with the work of a large size organization to individuals and she turned this gap into an opportunity. She started the venture with the minimum capital and staff and turned it into a successful laundry business. 

Business level

In the starting, the micro-size business took birth in Nungambakkam, Chennai in 2018. Now they have their own factories to run the business successfully. They cater to the iron and laundry services in the hospitality sector and deal with retail clients. Huge brand names like OYO and Compass are also included in their clients and they doing business. Multinational companies like Ford and Shell are also giving them orders and the growth of this successful laundry business is increasing every day. 

Overcoming the challenges

The journey to the successful laundry business was not that much easy as it may seem. They did face many challenges and have a cut-throat competition from many successful brands of the market. But still, the quality of the services is the major winning point for this company and Sandhya believes that quality does matter. 

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