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Summer Fashion Trend: Fashionistas turning “wet-look” hair into a beauty statement

Whether it was the Cannes Film Festival, Met Gala or red-carpet event across the world, one of the trendiest things in 2024 that seemed to be common on all was the ‘Wet Look’ Hair.  The primary reason to been awarded as one of the hottest hairstyles trends this year is- The wet-look finish looks incredible on all sorts of hair textures, types, and lengths.

The fresh-out-of-water look is best suited for hair that is short to chin length. The look takes a fraction of the time to style. Wet-look hair can be worn in lots of ways, from low-key to high-drama. However, one should be clear of the fact that attempting A wet-look hair look can be treacherous territory. It doesn’t mean just stepping out of the shower and calling it a day. To recreate those celeb-inspired ‘Wet-Look’ one needs some preparation. 

Here is an expert and quick guide from a celebrity hairstylist on how to get the wet-hair look at home. 

Get a hand on all essentials– The glam and confident show-stopper style can be achieved in many ways and with a variety of hair products ready at your disposal, including mousse, pomade to be mixed with hair gel, wax, a shine serum, and hairspray. Other tools that will be needed are a sectioning comb (for normal hairs) or a paddle brush (curly and coily hairs) and a settling clip.

Start with your wet hair– We need damp hair to create a wet-look hairstyle. Wash your hair thoroughly to remove any dirt or oil. After shampooing and deep conditioning don’t blow dry your hair. In case your hair dries quickly keep a hair sprinkler bottle ready to keep your hair wet.

Apply Gel or Mousse: The master product here is the gel or mousse. For a sleeker finish, opt for gel; for a more natural, textured look, choose mousse. how much you need depends on hair texture. for fine hair, you need the amount of normal gel to achieve the wet look. But for wavy, you should opt for mousse for that extra moisturization. For curly choose a mixer of pomade with gel.

Distribute Evenly: once you choose your product apply it evenly from roots to tips, section by section. Detangling them is important. Using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.

Style Your hairs: to get the desired look use a fine-tooth comb. For example, to get a slicked-back look, comb your hair straight back from your forehead. To achieve a more relaxed style, part your hair to the side or add texture with your fingers.Finish With a Serum: Experts recommend working with a shine serum on top to get that extra shine- Apply the hair serum to the ends and mid-lengths of your hair.

Finally forFinal Touches, tweak the style with your fingers, ensuring the product is well-distributed and the look is even. Never fail to check for any fly-aways. Smooth them down with a bit more product if needed.

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