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Suniel Shetty Got Threatening Calls From The Underworld, Here’s How He Reacted

Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty is an inspiration for many as he has achieved success after facing a lot of struggles in his life but has never given up on his dreams and today he is one of the most successful actors of the industry apart from being a successful entrepreneur.

Recently, the Anna of Bollywood appeared on a podcast in which he talked about various aspects of his life. He also revealed what he used to do when people from the underworld used to call him. He said, “You know I used to get calls saying, ‘I will do this, I will do that.’ I used to abuse back. I had cops telling me, ‘Listen, you’re crazy. You don’t understand, they’ll get upset and they could do anything.’ I said, ‘What? I’m not wrong, protect me. What have I done?’ So that’s the background I came from.”

Suniel faced many problems in life and he went through a lot but he never told anyone about it, not even to his kids as he believes that time is the best healer.

Suniel Shetty also talked about the struggles of his father as he wanted to give his children a better upbringing. The “Hera Pheri” actor talked about his childhood, “I won’t say it was a notorious area, but there were gangs and stuff like that. And though it was a great place for his business, he didn’t want the kids to grow up in this area, because he says, ‘If I allow them to get into a particular age in this area, that would probably impact them and the way they think.’ He begged, borrowed, and moved the family to an area with a better culture, better schools, better people.”

Anna never stops to surprise us, what do you say?

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