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Saturday, June 3, 2023

THB secures $20M to grow its health tech business globally

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Enterprise healthcare SaaS provider THB has secured $20 million, which will help it to expand its business globally.

The growth equity round was headed by Filter Capital and Edelweiss Discovery Fund Series-I, with participation from Cornerstone Venture Partners Fund (CSVP), Healthquad, and others.

THB is to utilize the money to build its business internationally and quicken expansion in already-established areas in South Asia, the Middle East, and South East Asia. THB intends to use the cash to increase its worldwide footprint and diversify its product offering.

THB, founded by Akansh Khurana, a former executive at Bain & Co., Rohit Kumar, a former analytics professional at American Express, Rajesh Pachar, a former executive at Microsoft, Kritika Tandon, a former consultant at McKinsey, and Dr. Chirag Adatia, a former partner at McKinsey, helps large healthcare enterprises drive digital, data, and technology adoption with its data management platform and a suite.

Akansh Khurana, MD & Group CEO of THB, stated, “Big data in healthcare has enormous development potential in this decade. THB wants to provide its clients a wide range of data use cases so they can make the most of their healthcare information and see real development.”

Akansh Khurana, further said THB is excited about collaborating with the new investors and leveraging their knowledge in technology and enterprise SaaS to help THB grow into a truly global corporation.

Managing Partner, Private Equity, Edelweiss Asset Management, Ashish Agarwal, said, “We’re thrilled to work with THB. The company is essential in assisting healthcare providers, pharmaceutical firms, and other healthcare segments to fully utilize data.”

THB’s technology portfolio allows healthcare firms to grow financially while providing delightful client experiences. THB is well-positioned to become a significant health-tech enterprise in India and international markets, led by Akansh, Rohit, Kritika, Rajesh, and Chirag.

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