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The producer of “Thank God,” Deepak Mukut, claims that controversy affects box office receipts

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Deepak Mukut, a producer, recently spoke out about controlling expectations, the allure of theatrical releases, and how controversy affects movies like “Thank God.

Deepak revealed this to a news portal, saying that they anticipated the movie to perform average to slightly above average in terms of box office. He claims that he has always known that while this movie is not a blockbuster, it is a good, clean comedy with the ability to draw audiences. They therefore hoped to appeal to a family audience

He continued by stating that cinema is very individualized. One person may have a favourite, while another may not care for it at all. “People view things differently,” the producer continued. In his opinion, the movie wasn’t problematic in any way. Although he produced a good, clean comedy, the producer told the Hindustan Times that some people had different viewpoints, and that was fine.

When asked if controversy affects how well a movie does at the box office, Mukut added that ultimately, it comes down to the content and whether it works or not. He claims that these controversies have a small but noticeable impact. He asserts that there is an impact because when one person says something, other people who share their viewpoints are also impacted.

In the lead roles of “Thank God,” Ajay Devgn, Sidharth Malhotra, and Rakul Preet Singh appeared.

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