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This Electric Scooter Has Revolutionized The EV Segment, Leaving Behind Big Market Players

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In India, a car was once a status symbol. But, as income increases and living standards change, there are now more cars than ever in most households. Because of this, owning a car is no longer a big deal. The perception of society will change again in the near future. This time, electric vehicles like electric scooters , electric motorcycles , and electrical cars will play an important role.

The future belongs to electric cars. A person or family who owns an electric car will be viewed positively by others because they are using a high-tech vehicle. It will also indicate that the family cares about the environment and does its part by using a vehicle that doesn’t pollute it.

Thunderbolt is an electric vehicle maker in India. It is powered by Mercury Metals Limited, a BSE-listed company. Thunderbolt was Jayesh Thakkar’s dream, who has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and is involved with many businesses.

Jayesh Thakkar, a visionary entrepreneur hailing from Gujarart saw this vision because he was concerned by the dangers of increasing pollution in our daily lives. He wanted to do something that would help to protect the environment and make the world a better place for future generations. Jayesh Thakkar believes that electric vehicle sales will surpass all records by 2023, and that it will be a landmark year in the sector.

Jayesh Thakkar made his dream a reality with the help his dedicated and highly-qualified team. Today, his company is the leader in manufacturing Electric Scooter (low and high speed), ICAT-approved auto-rickshaw, auto-rickshaw-loader and vintage-designed cars. Thunderbolt and Jayesh Thakkar have seized the largest share of this market, and in fact, created a monopoly. All spare parts are manufactured only by them.

Thunderbolt is also a well-known name among India’s electric vehicle makers. It has created custom electric vehicles for many industries and sectors, including hospitality, industry and golf courses. It also produces EV Chasis and EV Controller as well as EV Motor, LFP Battery, EV Rickshaw Brake Shoe, EV Motor, EV Motor, EV Motor, EV Controller and EV Controller.

Thunderbolt’s Jayesh Thakkar, along with his team, have great plans. They are implementing them at the Mega EV Complex at Vadodara. It covers an area of 20 acres. The complex is being constructed at an investment of over Rs. 500 crore. The complex will include a manufacturing facility, charging station with cafe, CED Coating and Painting Units, Vehicle Assembly, Battery Manufacturing Factory, EV Power train Facility, and a Charging Station. Thunderbolt plans to launch electric cars soon as it doesn’t want the chance to lose the opportunity to provide a high-quality, cost-effective option to customers in a large market.

With the assistance of subsidies and incentives offered by the government to both manufacturers and consumers, the electric vehicle segment will grow quickly.

Indian officials want to encourage electric vehicles and are offering subsidy for electric cars and subsidy on batteries. Thunderbolt is providing subsidies for electric scooters. It’s not surprising that Indian roads will soon be filled with these vehicles. For Dealership Enquiry Visit: thunderboltev.com

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