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Titanic’s Little Irish Boy Receives Royalty Cheques Even After 25Yrs

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James Cameron directed Titanic (1997) which starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in lead roles is undoubtedly one of the most loved romance and disaster movies and it was based on the plot of sinking of RMS Titanic.

The movie was re-released in February this year after 25 years of its release and presently people are talking about Reece Thompson, a former actor who played the role of a 5 years old Irish boy in the film.

Reece was seen in three scenes and he had one dialogue in the movie; here is the photo of that cute boy who got drowned after the ship sank in the sea.

Reece’s dialogue was, “What are we doing, mommy?”

In response, his mother said, “We’re just waiting, dear. When they finish putting first-class people in the boats, they’ll be starting with us, and we’ll want to be ready, right?”

What is more interesting is the fact that Reece is still earning the royalty from the movie even after 25 yrs of the release. In one of the interview when he was asked about the royalty cheques, he said,

“Yeah, I still do [receive royalty cheques], it’s true. But I haven’t updated my address in several years, honestly since the last time I got interviewed for this. So, I haven’t seen them in a few years. I’m just assuming that they are still coming.”

It is being said that he was paid around $30,000 which was used for his education, living expenditure and car and he still earns something between $200 and $300 yearly in royalty.

Why haven’t I taken up acting in childhood?

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