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Top 10 Best Practices of Millionaires You should be Aware of

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If you also Google things like “What are the habits of Millionaires that make them different from others?” “What is it that they do differently to make more money and operate efficiently?” Here you have them in one place. This article lists Top 10 Best Practices of Millionaires that you should know if you also want to become one!! 

There are some daily rituals and habits that most Millionaires have in common like:

1. Millionaires are Frugal, they don’t act rich

Millionaires invest in items that increase in value. They know that it takes money to make more money. And that you can’t get the money you need to invest if you spend it on acting and looking rich. Hence, they don’t buy luxury vehicles for maintain an ‘image’. 

2. Millionaires Never Stop Learning and Growing

Another best practice that all Millionaires have in common is that they never stop learning. Be it in any form and on any forum, the wealthy folks are always absorbing more and more knowledge. Starting from Audio Books to Podcasts to Paperbacks to E-books to TED Talks on YouTube to Documentaries, Millionaires are always trying to learn new things and gather more information. 

3. Millionaires Always Have a Daily Must-Do List

Do you know that 81% of rich people say that they keep To-do Lists? And two-thirds of these wealthy listers actually complete at least 70% or more of the tasks on their Must-do Lists. Millionaires are known for setting daily goals, this helps them build momentum. 

4. Millionaires have a healthy Morning Routine

They say that morning is the most important part of anyone’s day. And rich people specially get the most out of the early hours of their days. Actually that is one of the biggest reasons behind them being rich and getting richer. Chaotic mornings always mess up the rest of the day and stop you from being productive. So if you plan to become rich, the Millionaire Morning Routine is what you need to follow. 

5. Millionaires prioritize Self-Improvement and Educate Themselves

Ongoing Learning is critical for lifelong success and hence Millionaires always take out time to make themselves better at things. They take these appointments seriously and commit to showing up. Be it anything ranging from a new skill to a new form of workout, they make it a priority if they really want and need to get a better hang of it and actually do it. 

6. Millionaires Network

Millionaires build strong networks of contacts in all the areas of their lives. They know that the world is a small place and having strong connections always helps throughout the life. No matter where you are, you can always find your way if you just keep bare minimum contact with your employers, colleagues, customers and partners. 

7. Millionaires are focused and do whatever it takes

This one comes without saying. Lottery winners’ aside, being wealthy has not much to do with luck. Millionaires work towards their goals at all costs. They focus on executing the best ideas, even if they involve incredible sacrifices. 

8. Millionaires Listen More and Talk Less

Rich people generally spend five minutes listening for every minute that they speak. This is because Millionaires know that listening will enable them to understand and know more than speaking ever can. It in fact also helps them in facilitating conversations which foster relationships and success ahead.

9. Millionaires practice Good Etiquette

Millionaires have some rules of Etiquette Principles which they always follow. These consist of sending Thank-you notes, acknowledging important personal life events such as birthdays and anniversaries, following table manners and lastly; and always eating, talking dressing appropriately. 

10. Millionaires talk about Ideas

Millionaires spend most of their time talking about new ideas. Unlike the middle class,they don’t talk about people or things. They think about ideas and make things happen. When working on one project, they’re already planning about the next one. So they don’t waste their time in gossip which gets one nowhere. 

Conclusion: Building wealth doesn’t always equal to working extra to make more money. The first step to it in fact is Self-Improvement or “Sharpening the Saw” as the late Stephen Covey had put it. So, if you also want to become a Millionaire; you know what to do!

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