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Top 5 co-working spaces for your business

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If your want to escape the isolation of a home office you can now work with others in co-working spaces. Find out top 5 co-working spaces for your business.

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to save money. It can be tough to locate cost-effective solutions for business meetings, conducting interviews, or finding an economical space to work if you operate out of a major metropolis. Early-stage enterprises may find it difficult to invest in office infrastructure.

But, you can now get help from co-working space, which is basically a Shared Office facility opted by startups and freelancers where they work in collaboration or independently.

Co-working spaces provide low-cost, movable office space and provide enterprises testing new markets with flexibility in expanding. It is a cost-effective approach for obtaining a good job without burning a hole in one’s purse. The culture of co-working spaces is being harbored in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and even Pune.  

Here’s a list of the top 5 co-working spaces that you can choose from for your business.

The Playce, located in Mumbai

The Playce emphasises the importance of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. This co-working place provides practical facilities and services at reasonable prices. It’s a huge co-working environment with a plug-and-play workstation, a game area, meeting and lecture halls, Wi-Fi connectivity, adequate lighting, and comfortable furnishings.

This is a place where you may get endless coffee and meet intellectuals. They hope to become a hub for all things entertaining and innovative for the over 100 people that work out of their office every day.

The Playce is also an ideal platform for CO-LEARNING. They plan training sessions, workshops, meetings, hackathons, boot camps, and other events.

Services include reception, meeting area, a work station for visitors, an adjustable chair, wifi, a projector, a whiteboard, a library of books, and games. The following amenities are available: an adjustable chair and an adjoining desk.

Bombay Connect, located in Mumbai

Bombay Connect aspires to develop dynamic enterprise pairs that stimulate bold thinking.

They aspire to create an economy in which all businesspeople have the skills, encouragement, and climate to promote the growth and long-term development of their organisations.

An unique workspace that makes an office, a café, and a home accessible, portable, and combines the finest of all worlds. A thriving and inspiring network of peers from various backgrounds. Personalized connections that enable access to cash, experience, talents, and infrastructure. Broader network presence through strategic television.

Bombay Connect provides an accessible and open platform for individuals, teams, and start-ups to interact, learn from, and meet their peers. The participant has access to a network of coworkers who have similar interests, an Internet network, and an event programme.

Services: Members can link workstations and shared facilities such as conference rooms, inter-networks, or scanners, as well as an on-the-job team of relevant tools and an event series to accelerate members’ and their ideas’/activities’ development. The major facilities are an innovative, adaptable workplace that combines the best of an office, a café, and a home. A vibrant and inspiring group of peers from various backgrounds. Customized links that facilitate access to cash, expertise, skills, and infrastructure Broadcast and network exposure should be planned strategically.

91 Springboard, located in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi

91 springboards break down barriers and provide access to chances for new entrants and freelancers. It is one of Mumbai’s largest coworking spaces, where participants receive more than simply a paycheck. Seminars and conferences help practitioners find new talents, while the corporate community shares fresh ideas with their peers. Legal aid, cloud storage, and low-cost housing keep an individual connected to the 91springboards community on a consistent basis.

SpringBoard 91 is one of New Delhi’s major coworking spaces, located in the heart of the district at Okhla Phase II. The area is filled with shared and private desk alternatives, conference rooms, high-speed wireless internet, lockers, and a network opportunity with New Delhi’s vibrant startup culture. Springboard 91 offers a variety of membership options based on the sort of job.

Services include conference facilities, printing/scanning, photocopying, and Internet access.

Convenient workspaces, network, Access to free or subsidised activities, Access to a mentor network, useful servicesnetwork startup, a projector and a display, Freebies from partners, Water, tea, and coffee are available. Configuration that is enjoyable, Cabin with private security. Technology-enhanced meeting spaces, Plans for pay-per-use services, Internet connectivity is faultless. Backup power for fail-safe operation.

Innov8, located in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Noida, Hyderabad and Bengaluru

Innov8, coworking, is India’s first Thought Space. It is a workshop and collective start-up established in India that offers beautiful offices and coworking spaces to businesses in India. They encourage the participation of like-minded people from all walks of life, whether they are entrepreneurs, developers, self-employed workers, or designers looking for work in a highly creative environment.

Innov8 has a high-quality ergonomic and innovative work environment. Many retail, lifestyle, and food and beverage establishments can be found in the Innov8 neighbourhood. Small businesses and corporations should select dedicated desks with a diverse workplace environment, high-speed internet, and excellent free coffee facilities.

Innov8’s conference facilities, which include whiteboards, noise-proof cabins, and high-speed Wi-Fi access, are ideal for business review sessions and interviews. They are now headquartered in India, with offices in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune.

Services: Innov8 provides vital amenities such as customised workstations, workshops, an entertainment space, conference rooms surrounded by pinewood, high-speed internet, sleek bold Bristol furniture, and so on.

Cowork Cafe, located in Bangalore

The CoWork Cafe provides a comfortable, encouraging working environment together with everything else you need to thrive and achieve, such as a super fast internet connection, conference spaces, and IT support.

Services include high-speed Internet, IT facilities, a conference area, designer workstations, power backup, and fresh food in the pantry. Laptops, 3G/4G dongles, scanners, lockers, Workspace, conference spaces, lockers, and storage rooms, 3G/4G, Printer/Scanner, loaned laptops,  Tea and coffee, tea and coffee. Power supply backup.

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