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Top 5 COVID-19 Indian tech innovations that helped save billions of lives

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Indian innovators responded in the best way possible to fight against the dreadful disease, Covid-19, after it started. Find out the top 5 COVID-19 Indian technological innovations that helped save billions of lives.

COVID-19 presented us with a slew of new obstacles, ranging from being placed on lockdown or locked up inside our own houses during the home quarantine to losing close ones to this lethal virus. India’s innovators responded in the best way possible, resulting in numerous technological advances during the pandemic.

Technological innovations are concepts that help save human lives, and some of these innovations have helped people deal with this horrifying scenario during the pandemic. Some of the breakthroughs are the result of start-ups, while others are the result of university incubation.Furthermore, Tier-I universities in India have been collaborating with governments, start-ups, MNCs, and significant tech companies to accelerate these researches and breakthroughs. The goal was to create effective gadgets at low cost, and many of the advances were successful in doing so.

The following are the 5 COVID-19 Indian technological innovations that helped save billions of lives:


IIT Kharagpur has developed a healthcare solution that aids in the quick diagnosis of COVID-19. The test can be performed in these portable devices immediately from swab samples, and the results can be obtained in as little as 45 minutes. Dr. Arindam Mondal, Prof. Suman Chakraborty, and their dedicated research team led the study.

Bottle of Swasa oxyrise

Many of us were gasping for air after the second wave of COVID-19. These portable oxygen canisters are easily transportable and can meet the need for oxygen in the event of a COVID-19 emergency. The IIT Kanpur Incubation Centre developed this device (E-Spin Nanotech and Jasolab). To combat the COVID-19, they have a variety of face masks and hand sanitizers.


The term derives from Indian mythological sources, and as the name implies, it is an AI-driven management system developed by IIT Mandi researchers for COVID-19 patients in home quarantine. The smartphone application aids in the surveillance of COVID-19 patients and identifies patients who attempt to violate the home quarantine.


Working on the idea of “prevention is better than cure,” which is especially important in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Bengaluru-based nanotechnology startup Log 9 Materials introduced a device dubbed “CoronaOven.” This device aids in the disinfection of surfaces against germs and viruses. This device claims to disinfect any surface in 4 minutes by utilizing UV-C radiation in conjunction with other significant design factors. This multi-focal UV disinfection chamber is available in a range of capacities ranging from 20 to 440 litres.


Biodesign Innovation Labs created this portable breathing support system to address the lack of ventilators in Indian hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department of Biotechnology’s BIRAC and the Department of Science and Technology’s Nidhi Prayas Programme are both supporting this low-cost gadget. The help of NITI Ayog, Startup India, and Invest India has enabled the distribution of this device across India. This device employs an Intermittent Positive Airway Pressure breathing technique that aids in the modulation of important respiratory parameters, making it suited for patients at high risk of lung collapse.

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