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Top 5 ideas for business you can start for less than Rs. 25,000/-

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Starting a business with a small investment is a massive undertaking. Find out top 5 ideas for business you can start for less than Rs. 25,000/-.

Many of us would like to accomplish something on our own. And what better way to get started than by starting one’s own business? If money isn’t a barrier, the sky’s the limit when it comes to putting a company concept into action. However, most people prefer to start small. So, we have collected a few business ideas that are popular, and may be explored as a side hustle.

Here are top 5 ideas for business you can start for less than Rs. 25,000/-

Tiffin Service: This is no longer restricted to the female sector; more and more males are pursuing it as well. With the pandemic teaching us the significance of eating clean and healthy meals, starting a tiffin service company is an excellent way to supplement your income.

With the growth in students and working professionals who are away from home, this is a very viable option, especially for those who are even somewhat interested in cooking. The ongoing expenditures and one-time investments are smaller than the earnings, especially when the firm is created over time.

Disposable cutlery: With pollution on the rise and growing knowledge of the issue, more individuals are making environmentally responsible decisions these days. Using disposable and ecologically acceptable silverware, such as bamboo and even edible cutlery (though edible cutlery needs a significant investment), has assisted companies, particularly fast service restaurants and takeaway stalls, in lowering operating expenses. This company may provide a considerable income while requiring no further cash.

Home Bakery: There are several examples of people who have established home-based baking companies. And this is something that anyone with a passion for baking may simply accomplish. A home-based bakery is a realistic alternative explored by many in becoming self-sufficient and developing an entrepreneurial image, with inputs of less than 25,000/- for a few devices and raw ingredients.

Organic farming: As previously said, the epidemic has compelled us to take a more meaningful approach to life by adopting healthier lives. And the desire for organic products, whether fruits or vegetables, has increased, particularly among millennials. As a result, a firm based on organic farming has a lot of potential and, as a result, requires less capital. Selling vegetables online or even starting a rooftop garden might help you earn a nice living.

Tutoring: This may be beneficial if you are an expert in a certain area or if you are a student who would want to share any information or expertise on any subject. With little expenditures and the availability of a variety of tech platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet, education has become easier and more expansive.

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