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Twinkle Khanna Shares Daughter Nitara’s Wish for Fairer Skin Like Brother Aarav

In spite of Sunita Williams having traveled to space three times and achieving more than society could have ever dreamed of, the one question that remains with women is her skin tone and beauty. Whether a woman is a child or an adult, family members and society as a whole are concerned about her appearance. Recently, Twinkle Khanna revealed that some of their relatives had made her daughter Nitara feel self-conscious about her skin tone.

In her blog, Twinkle wrote about how Nitara stopped swimming after a relative commented on her skin tone and contrasted it with Aarav’s. “My daughter Nitara once expressed a desire to stop taking swimming lessons. She had made a tan her enemy. “I wish to have the same color as my brother, Bhaiya.” She had noticed a random comment made by a dumb relative that was in her line of sight. Though not as fair as her brother, she is really cute!

Twinkle remembered helping her daughter get past the complex that the aunt had given her. “I gave her (Nitara) the illustrated biography of Frida Kahlo,” Twinkle recalled. She had gorgeous complexion that matched hers, centrally aligned eyebrows, and was an incredibly talented woman who served as an inspiration to others. She said that compared to her brother, she doesn’t need to apply as much sunscreen these days. Brown is deeper, so it doesn’t become soiled as quickly as white, which is light like my T-shirt.”

In fact, the reality that skin tone is still a topic of conversation today is quite disheartening.

When Twinkle Khanna was praised by Akshay Kumar for being the ideal mother to their children
“I want to tell her that the success of our family has always lain in her hands,” Akshay stated, praising his wife Twinkle on Mother’s Day. It was never about me succeeding as a guy, or in any other capacity. The reason for this is that Tina (Twinkle) has devoted the last ten years of her life to our children, who are the greatest blessings in our lives. She devotes every moment of her life to kids, whilst I work primarily when I’m not around them.”

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